first time pc builder, help needed...

  Radius 20:08 18 Feb 2004

I recently decided to build my own atx pc, i'm looking to build around a P4 2.8 - 3.0ghz fsb 800 cpu. Could anyone please provide any info on value for money, high end components that would give the best performance alongside a processor like this.

Thanks in advance.

  explicitlyrics100 20:12 18 Feb 2004

thats the sort of spec at which I would buy the computer. If its a budget one then its good to build yourself, if its a top spec one then its fine to build yourself. However at that sort of spec then normally most manufacturers can get the components in bulk and do it for you for less... just my 2cent

  Radius 20:20 18 Feb 2004

hmmm, thanks for the info there, but I've already gone and bought the case and cd/dvd drive, i'm also looking to do it for experience too. thanks anyway.

  R4 20:21 18 Feb 2004

Try Novatech for Tested Bundles or User spec'd systems built and tested if you want. . They are here :- click here

  explicitlyrics100 20:34 18 Feb 2004

lol sorry about that.... most components work with each other fine nowadays so it just a question of checking the specs and then looking at any availible reviews ( has quite a few reviews of products)

  thedarkside 23:24 18 Feb 2004

The trick to getting value for money is to buy online. E-buyer, Aria, SimplyComputers all seem to offer good value for money, especially on cables, RAM etc.

I use e-buyer most as the selection is vast, and the prices among the best.

Good luck with the build. Remember, it's not that hard.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:24 19 Feb 2004

a way to save money. Erhh there are usually postage cost incurred and this most time bumps the price up and works out even.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:31 19 Feb 2004

Check the post & Pack/courier charges and also don't go top end on a spec go for a motherboard that will take say a 2GHz XP2400 not a XP3000 its not a 3GHZ. going Intel P4 3GHz or AMD XP3000 tis overkill stick with lower and upgrade maybe later date when the bigger rated processors come down.

Like CD Wrtrs came down in price, DVD Wrtrs will eventually get faster and also some down.

Personally if you never built a pc before, get a old dog from your local paper for about 50-75 in working or slight problem and strip it and rebuild it maybe rebuild in a new case and resell and make a profit ?

  hugh-265156 01:51 19 Feb 2004

where to buy from i cannot advise but do check out the 12 13 &14th videos click here some may be useful to you.

  Radius 10:55 19 Feb 2004

Thanks alot you guys, invaluable info there. But there is one thing when im choosing a mother board i've never actually seen them give a supported clock speed just the fsb, so, am I right in saying that just aslong as you have the correct fsb speed for ur mobo, the clock speed does not matter?

Thanks in advance.

  GuyR 14:08 19 Feb 2004

Iam lucky that I have a local pc components supplier click here who gives good advice when looking to build systems. Prices are very good and they have been around a good while now. Try a local shop and talk with them about your planned build/list of items required.

There are many web sites out there that walk through a PC build but it's not that hard really. There are also some good books out there with lots of illustrations etc to help.

mpc offers mail order as in north east but great for me as just around the corner. One little tip if you have any local stores that go to computer fairs then use them, price at the fairs often cheaper too, parts are still covered by warrenty

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