First-Time Overclocker

  hmmm 18:35 15 Jan 2004

i am trying to overclock my xp1700 on an asus a7v333 mobo. The highest the mulitplier will go is 12.5. The highest the fsb will go is 149...if i set it higher then the system doesnt boot.

So do i put the multiplier on 12.5 and fsb on 149 and see how stable the system is. I read somewhere u were meant to divide you max mhz by your 166 and set your nultiplier to that. But my mobo dont let me go that high.

Any advice and websites to read up

thans in advance

  hector 911 18:39 15 Jan 2004

go to Ocuk for more advice


  Rayuk 19:34 15 Jan 2004
  Chegs ® 19:54 15 Jan 2004

OC'ing your CPU is the fastest way to get your OS crashing,and it getting unstable due to heat.

The better gains can be had by dropping the multiplier then you can run a higher FSB.Arriving back at the same "speed" as before,but the higher FSB means "faster" REAL CPU speed.The only prob then is getting the PCI bus back to optimum speed(I seem to remember 66Mhz for some reason)along with other hardware(IDE controller,etc)to allow the HDD's to boot.

The difference in realtime between unclocked and OC is so marginal(especially with modern CPU's hitting 3+Ghz)you have to run a test of some kind to "see" a difference,time that could be used "in windows" to find out what makes it tick,and speed the OS up instead(as when it fails,its free to reinstall again)whereas a marginal increase in CPU speed might cost you a wedge.

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