First time computer buyer at 50.

  AlanRLong 10:51 08 Jun 2004

Hello.Im 50 and about to buy my first complete computer.Its main aim will be to download 1500 cds comprising 30,000 individual tracks.I want to download them in hi-fi quality and replay them back in hi fi quality via a hi fi system. In addition I want to use them in conjunction with a programme called CDDC (I think). Ultimately, I want them all indexed as well. Additionally, it wil be used to download several hundred pictures taken over the last 100 years many in black and white and mostly very small ones. I gather I will need a computer whose gb is in excess of 180gb to accomplish this. What kind of computer and bits and pieces should I go for and where (apart from PC World whose care packages are excessively priced for my liking)and what should I be looking for? I've got around £1200 for the lot. Any help in non-technical jargon please would be greatly appreciated.I am currently reading a book from PC World bought the other day for computing for the over 50s which is a technical jargon free book I'm finding highly readable. Thank you very much for your help. Alan Long (50). The ancient one has spoken!!

  AndySD 11:17 08 Jun 2004

Can we assume CDDC is a cd catalogue program? If so then budget this into your price.

30.000 mp3 tracks is at least 120 gig so it would be best to get 2 large hard drives. The second to keep a backup of the data.

Also the music software will need to be included in the cost....others can advise on the best for this.

  TomJerry 11:21 08 Jun 2004

The computer you need does not need to be very powerful, but there are a few things you need.

(1) You are correct, you need a large hard drive.

(2) You need a decent speaker system.

I think to make your project effective, you need a few extra stuffs.

(1) A decent backup scheme. You will be have a lot of files on computer. Computre do fail from time to time, so you need to have a good backup scheme to protect your files. A dvd writer is a good start, many computers on sale have it now, but make you get at least 8x speed one. If you can get a fual layer one, that would be better. In additional to dvd writer, you could invest an external hard disk which is the easiest (cheapest) backup method, a good high quality 250gb one costs you £184 click here

(2) You need to scan a lot of pictures. If you still have negative, the best way to achive good quality is to buy a dedicated film scanner which will costs you £299.90 click here& . If you do not have all pictures in negative, you should get a good scanner with film scanning feature, a good one will cost less than £200.

You must hate me now becaus I have already take nearly £500 off your spending plan. But, £700 can still buy you a good PC for your task.For example here, meshcomputer's special off click here, but for this one you need spend extra to upgrade to a dvd writer and a decent speaker system, a great PC in ToyRUs cost £999 click here

  TomJerry 11:26 08 Jun 2004

a lot of packages on sale may not suit you.

  €dstowe 11:41 08 Jun 2004

Only 50??? A youngster!

Although not that age myself, my father (who builds all my business machines) is appreciably older than that and I know for certain that a good number of members here can match, or beat, that vintage.

Anyway, enjoy your new experience with computers and before long you may well be giving advice and recommendations to others on here wanting to catalogue their music.


  AndySD 11:49 08 Jun 2004

Matrix M64 3000+ click here is a good buy but I would sugest you phone them and ask for some of the upgrades. (on site warranty 3 years £69, Creative Audigy 2 sound £35, better speakers antivirus software and the 360w psu also ask how much it would cost to add a second 200GB Sata hard drive....unless you wish to buy an external one

  byfordr 12:10 08 Jun 2004

Agree with TomJerry

1)The maxtor one touch is a fine piece of kit. Also worth having a large capacity hard drive (or more than one) on your pc. For what you want to do 160gb should be the starting point. 200, or 250gb isn't excessive. Worth getting a dvd burner to back up the files your create (photos, music) it will save you do the lot again if you have any hardware problems.

A dedicated negative scanner will give superior results. (I'm sure Stuartli will pop up with some expert advice on the model) If you want to do more general scanning then get a scanner with negative adaptor. The canon range is good. 9900F, 8000F or 5000F for those on a budget. If not the Epson photo range are also very good.

For the pc the more memory you have the easier you will find to do things. 512mb is the minimum you should be looking at. 1gb will help things along nicely!

If you want to play back music via the pc. The audigy 2 cards are the flavour of the month. A decent set of Creative, Altec Lansing or logitech should do the business. If not connect up to your hi-fi.

Try click here click here (some nice double memory offers at the moment) click here

Other things to consider. Are you planning to connect to the internet? Do you need to print the pictures of just store them?

Have fun! Good luck!


  stlucia 13:39 08 Jun 2004

I agree with all the above -- your processing requirements are not all that demanding, but you need loads of storage capacity.

Perhaps others could comment on whether MP3 will give you real hi-fi music reproduction -- you may need to use another format (more space required) if you're really fussy about quality.

  Graham ® 14:03 08 Jun 2004

I can recommend John Lewis, 2 year warranty

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:13 08 Jun 2004

You will not ned an expensive sound card as you will be playing through a hi-fi. Sounblaster 5.1 at £20 will give you hi-fi quality esp. when played throughaaa hi-fi. You will not need 1 Gb of RAM, 512 Mb will be mor than sufficient. I would go for external rather than internal storage. Assuming a CD will be about 250mbs at high quality, you are loking at around 400Gb capcity for storage. To be truthful a decent compaq oe emachine from PCW will more than suffice. If you want to save on external storage you could get a DVD writer and copy onto DVS.


  Sapins 14:59 08 Jun 2004

Blimey 50yrs old!! you're starting early;-)
I'm 66 and have had my computer for 4yrs. Sailed merrily along without a single crash until last Thursday then "BANG" everything went into oblivion, and I had a second hard drive where I kept my data. I would definitely go for an external second drive which you can switch off (I presume) when not in use.

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