First time buyer, is this any good?

  Andy Johnson 18:36 02 Aug 2004

Hi guys ive spent a week in hell tring to buy a new computer. Ive tried my best to research and learn about where technology is at and what is good and what isnt.

My current system is (for the last 6 years)
1.1ghz Celeron
Gegorce2 mx/mx440
56k modem
etc etc ect.

I have went to every Custom build site in the uk and i have finally(i hope) found a good computer for my budget. Bear in mind alot of these sites use generic and poor quality components, i THINK i have found a good quality deal.
Please give me some feedback on this as i dont want to waste my money.

JeanTech Phong Case (With 2x 120mm blue LED & Fan controller Upgrade)

420w HiperPowerQuiet Dual Fan Power Supply Unit with
action Fan Control

AMD ATHLON 64 3200+

ASUS KV8 Motherboard

1Gb Corsair Twin-X PC3200 Cas 2 Platinum Extreme XMS Memory
(2x512Mb Matched Pair Sticks for Optimum Performance)

Elite PC Systems AGP/PCI Twin Fan Cooler with Blue LED's

HIS Excalibur ATi Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition Pro Ice-Q

160Gb Western Digital Hard Drive (7200rpm, 8Mb Cache

Samsung 52x Speed CD-R/RW (Black)

Sony DWU-18A DVD-RW +\- Dual Format 8 Speed

17" Hyundai Q770S Silver/Black DynaFlat-X CRT Monitor
Maximum Resolution - 1280x1024

Windows XP Professional
Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional
Norton SystemWorks 2004 Professional
Nero 6 Ultra Edition 2004 & PowerPack
Microsoft® Office 2003 Professional Edition
3 year RTB warranty

For £1276. from click here


  jonnytub 19:06 02 Aug 2004

it certainly is, mine is similar in spec but cost a whole lot more, (home build that got very expensive, £2000 plus)

  jonnytub 19:07 02 Aug 2004

i cried when i counted the cost as obviously i didn't buy everything at once, my own fault, i wanted the latest evrything in at the time of build, the one you have chosen seems quite a buy for the price.

  Andy Johnson 19:31 02 Aug 2004

Yeh, i sent a list of specs to LOTS of UK custom buils sites, i told each of them that i had it quoted already at £1200(lie), and asked them if they could match or beat it. £1271 was the best i got, so i took it.

Pretty good method.

  phoenix198 19:47 02 Aug 2004

what a refreshing change to see a 'non-PC' image on the front page!

But seriously, some good kit on offer, but what kind of reputation do Elite have for customer service?

By the way, Andy, did you get the system pre-built or DIY?

  Andy Johnson 20:00 02 Aug 2004

pre built.

As for customer service, it is a small buisness.
I emailed them with the quote on saturday night. They work mon-fri 10-6. I got a phone call 10.30 this morning(monday), with all the appropriate details and infomation. He was a good guy knew what he was talking about, offered ideas and suggestions. We chatted for about 20mins about computers. I asked him about warranties and he said i get a 4 yr wartranty, but he also said that since 2002 he has only had to honour 2 warranties due to hardware failure. He benchmarks and test machines for 3 days after build to assure no faults.

  Andy Johnson 20:04 02 Aug 2004

LOL, i never actually scrolled down to see that image.

A bit weird dont you think?

  GaT7 22:40 02 Aug 2004

These are my thoughts:

- Instead of the CD-rw drive get a 16x DVD-rom drive. The DVD-rw will do what the CD-rw does, plus you'll have the convenience of cloning/copying a DVD directly, without having to copy the DVD's contents to the hard disk first.

- I would recommend a second hard drive, e.g., for backups &/or as a standby.

- Go in for a disk-imaging program like Norton Ghost 2003 or Acronis True Image 7.0/8.0. I'm aware that NSW2004Pro has Ghost included but that version will not save an image file directly to an NTFS partition click here. On the other hand NSW2004Pro's Ghost may be enough for your needs.

- Make sure they'll provide original discs for ALL the software - not just 'restore' discs (may be asking for too much? I'm not sure).

- Some have many problems with NSW2004 Pro & NIS2004. Are they going to pre-install these, update them online & test it out for a few days before you receive the system?

Remember the above is just MY humble opinion & may not be perfect. All the best & may you thoroughly enjoy the system : )) G

  User-312386 22:58 02 Aug 2004

2004 Professional Norton SystemWorks

I would not bother

No keyboard and mouse though?

Try here click here

Do you really need AMD64? No software for it yet

I know you want to "future proof" but try something cheaper like a good old Athlon XP3200

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