First thing to do with new laptop??

  Viv-208691 23:15 15 Nov 2004

Hi there, my new laptop should arrive tomorrow, just quickly what are the first few things that should be done (eg battery cycling etc)???

Or can i just go straight for it!?


  THE TERMINATOR 00:21 16 Nov 2004

If it is a new laptop, then all should be ok. But the first thing I would do is make sure it has Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed(found in add\remove programs)and that any virus checker and firewall is up-to-date(if there isnt one you should invest in one)....TT

  Viv-208691 09:00 16 Nov 2004

I thought you were supposed to cycle the battery on new laptops??

Ok, i will check for SP2

  cherria 09:09 16 Nov 2004

I know this is something completely alien for most of us to do, but I suggest the first thing you do is read the user manual. That will tell you whether you need to do anything with the battery!

  Viv-208691 09:28 16 Nov 2004

Hmmm, thats a good plan!! Yeh, i guess I will just do that! Its just that i want to dive straight in!!


  cherria 09:38 16 Nov 2004

We all know that a lot of the problems caused on new computers are caused by our desire to "dive straight in" but strangely, we still can't resist it!


  Viv-208691 09:55 16 Nov 2004

Yep, i guess you are right! In general terms do new batteries need cycling though?


  § 10:04 16 Nov 2004

Vsz your Guide will probably tell you to charge up the battery before switching on the laptop and then to completely let it discharge/charge up three times.

But as cherria says - read the manual, you've just paid a lot of money and don't want to mess things up.

  Jackcoms 10:07 16 Nov 2004

And don't forget to insure it!

  Viv-208691 10:14 16 Nov 2004

No I wont, esp since its this rather expensive model! click here Ok, thanks guys, i will indeed insure and read manual. What steps should I take before connected to the internet? - just installing SP2 and a firewall. Can anyone suggest some decent antivirus software that doesnt conflict with SP2?


  Graham ® 10:24 16 Nov 2004

Take the battery out and run on mains whilst you explore. Then, after reading about battery care, you can recharge overnight if needed.

Put 'laptop battery care' into google to get some idea. Bear in mind some of it may be dated, and not apply to modern batteries.

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