First System Build need advice on parts etc

  Viowithcrailtap 10:02 03 Mar 2013

Hi guys, I'm looking at making the switch over from console to pc gaming and I'm currently saving to build my first tower.

I've picked some parts already under recommendation from other forums etc.

Asus GTX 660 GPU, Asus P8Z77 V LX motherboard, i5 3550 CPU, 8gb 1600 MHz. Corsair Vengeance (2x4gb)

Are these parts ok for a gaming tower? I'm not gonna be overclocking anytime soon. I'm mainly looking at playing BF3 (not on ultra mega settings) and skyrim etc.

Also can anyone recommend a PSU and case? I seem to be turning into a Corsair fan boy so I think it's time for experienced opinions. And would it be worth me buying a small SSD along with a HDD?

Go easy on me. My last bit of tech was a DV6299 laptop that burned out just from a bit of WoW. Just a bit off the topic, are laptops really bad for gaming?

  mole1944 05:49 04 Mar 2013

If your not sure about building a pc don't,mess up one or more component and your costs will start to spiral. i know you'll feel pride in self build but it's usually cheaper to buy ready built and at least you get a guarantee with it.

  Viowithcrailtap 08:50 04 Mar 2013

Oh ok, thanks. I'll shop around for a pre built tower then.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:10 04 Mar 2013

What is your budget?

I think going for a build yourself is much more fun.I have been building for years and would never buy a pre-built system. Yes I have had problems with components but provided you buy from a decent company returning and getting a replacement is not a problem. Building your own will teach you so much about computers which cannot be a bad thing,plus you get the components you want.

As to your PSU then you should be looking at a minimum of 500W and say an OCZ or Corsair would be a good place to start. Whatever you decide do not get a cheapo PSU as you could well regret it if it blows and takes the rest of your components also.

I would also drop your motherboard from the ATX size you have currently got to a M-ATX as you will still get a decent board but will not come with all the PCI slots very few of us actually use.

As for your case,this is a personal choice as you are the one who is going to be looking at it.

You will need to decide if you want a window, LED fans,what colour, silver/black. I would suggest having a look about and then posting your choices here.

As for an SSD I have a smallish (128GB) one in all my PC's just for operating system and programs. Everything else is on two 1TB drives.

  mole1944 05:47 05 Mar 2013

Reference my first post,look foir a gaming machine price up the components and see if it,s cheaper you migh be surprised home built more costly. Chronos the 2nd is right in all he says but if you do it youself good luck .

  Viowithcrailtap 15:02 07 Mar 2013

My budget is roughly £600+ (my local shop is Eclipse Computers and I've just read some shocking reviews of them so I might need to up my budget and shop somewhere else). As I'm saving for one there isn't really a budget but I don't want to start spending stupid money as I doubt I'll be overclocking or anything technical for a while.

I've read good things about the i5-3550 and the GTX 660 so I'll probably stick with them and 8gb seems to a decent amount of ram (I read somewhere that the jump from 4gb to 8 gb is noticeable but 8gb to 12gb isn't much different).

I did look at the corsair TX v2 650W PSU and Corsair 300r Carbide Case (with window side panel). I'm looking for a very subtle case, the crazy cases with coloured this and that don't really do it for me.

I did look at a 60gb SSD but would you recommend a 128gb instead?

Also, I won't be building this by myself. One of my friends is good with computers and he took his apart to install a new motherboard and processor and explained it all to me (seems fairly straight forward).

  onthelimit1 15:07 07 Mar 2013

I'm not into gaming, but have you considered a barebones bundle an example from Novatech - great firm.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:29 07 Mar 2013

Lets start with your case. Carbide. Where as I accept that a case is a personal choice as you are going to be looking at it but this is a big big case and I can assure you that unless you are going to watercool your components with UV coolant or coloured coolant with lights then this case will look empty. Trust me I have been there. Have a look at something like Fractal, there are others but I have just noticed that you have not listed the motherboard whether you want an ATX or M-ATX size which also makes a difference to your choice of case.

8GB RAM fine but make sure your operating system is 64Bit. Good PSU and the graphics card is OK but would be better if you upped that to the Ti version. As for SSD then definitely get a 128 Gb as the 60 is just a little small for most of us and the price difference is not that great.

Whereas I am not a fan of Novatech a lot of people here praise them so definitely worth a look. If you see a bundle there you quite fancy then see if you can price the same components elsewhere for less. Have a look at Scan Computing or ebuyer.

  Viowithcrailtap 16:45 07 Mar 2013

I was advised to get an ATX Motherboard but if you think I won't need an ATX then I'll look into the M-ATX. Would I be better off with a mid tower? The 200R Carbide is nice and a bit smaller or is that still too much space?

Also, I've heard about chillblast. I checked their site earlier and they had some nice stuff but I don't know anything about the brand.

  Chronos the 2nd 20:20 07 Mar 2013

Quick reply from phone. M-ATX is probably all you need the bigger ATX will come with very little extra that you will actually use.

Chillblast good, so if you want to have look then post back with the names of PC's that you are interested in we can have a look for you.

  Viowithcrailtap 15:20 11 Mar 2013

Would the Asus P8Z77-M Motherboard be good? It seems to be the same as the ATX version but smaller.

Also, has anyone used for parts before. They have some great prices for components.

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