First Site Build

  Bleep 19:29 02 May 2005

Hello, i've just started building my first website for a University Assignment which ive doubled up with actually building a website for a friends business to earn some cash.

I'm using Studio MX, Dreamweaver MX 7.0.1, the university requirements are simply meet with a report and resulting website using CCC's sheets.

This is where i'm @ so far with it due in on 20th May, any advise would be much appreciated.

click here

  mattyc_92 20:19 02 May 2005

Well, it looks quite nice, but I would change the image sizes as the page takes 2 seconds for BB, but that could be up to a minute on dial-up

  Bleep 20:36 02 May 2005

Point taken, many thanks.

  Bleep 20:39 02 May 2005

Just to add, it's been designed 800*600 as all the computers at my uni run @ this res a default and thats what it will be marked on.

  Bleep 21:36 02 May 2005

Many thanks good thing it's May 2nd not May 19th the day before the hand in date !!!

  Bleep 21:43 02 May 2005

I have now updated it with your suggestions, well some!, have to take it slow I started today @ 9am armed with

*The Web Wizards Guide to : Dreamweaver *

*The Web Wizards Guide to : Web Design *


20 Marlboro Lights and a wicked hangover

click here

Thanks for your imput, ill keep updating it as I go, i'm aiming for a 1st with it, and then to sell it, so all advise welcome

  Bleep 21:46 02 May 2005

Just add, the email to the rest home has not yet been set up yet and the link to me is also not going to be added yet.

I'm not attempting anything to hard today its been a long day.... :)

Must add Studio MX and Photoshop CS Rock!!!

  quack 10:36 03 May 2005

I agree with all that has been said above but would like to make a comment re the Pictures page. Why mention a lounge and then show a dining room?

  Bleep 11:08 03 May 2005

Thanks again for all comments, I have may other pictures to add and will be quality checking through out.

My main concern is every PC I check it with it looks different,

At home 1024*734 looks fine

At uni 800*600 have to scroll to view all of the page.

At work *Higher Res * it only fills a 1/4 of the page?

Still got a way to go but all technical pointers would be great.

  Elyse 15:12 03 May 2005

Thus far, looks good. A valiant first effort!!

  slowhand_1000 17:45 03 May 2005

Agrre with the above comments but would add you should use Photoshop to resize and optimize your photos.

The dining room picture is actually 800 x 600 in size but on your site it's 426 x 352 pixels and 248 kb.

By reducing the picture down in proportion to 426 it's 320 deep not 352 as your site. Then if you 'Save for web' in Photoshot and set the quality at 38 the file size comes down to 22kb. And you can hardly tell the difference.

The top picture showing the back could be reduced to about 40-50 kb. Not as much of a saving as the other but still might be worth doing.

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