First server setup - gateway question

  brundle 14:03 18 Dec 2008

Small office, peer to peer at the moment, all with internet access. Is it usual to use the server as the internet gateway for all office machines instead of the switch/router combination they use now so that traffic all goes via the server? Server 2003 SBS, if it makes any difference. In addition, is using DHCP best for a small network of 8 machines or will static addresses be more suitable?

  Tech Guy 21:06 22 Dec 2008

If you have a client/server setup then you can use the server as a firewall but it is easier to use the switche/s and a router with ACLs setup instead of a firewall.

Server 2003 SBS is not cheap so it may be wise to look into Linux? Linux is much better than MS server 2003.

Connect all clients and server/s to a good switch e.g. Cisco 2950 and then to a Cisco SOHO router

Yes use DHCP, either by the server or even better by the router but it is simplier use and easier to troubleshoot.

Remember just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, best keep it simple, esp if you are admin!

  brundle 13:03 23 Dec 2008

Thanks - I work for a small charity, so no Cisco kit, just a Netgear smartswitch and a domestic ADSL router. We got SBS at a huge discount, I considered using SMEServer but I know even less about Linux than I do Windows Server. Plenty to learn, either way. The books I have on Server describe all the processes involved to set things up step by step, but little in the way of recommendations or best practice. Thanks again.

  recap 19:41 23 Dec 2008

click here and check your charitable status to see if you can register. If your organisation is deemed eligible, you will then be able to order. CTxchange Partners are Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco.

Navigate to 'Getting Started/Eligible Criteria' to see if you can gain access to some very cheap equipment both software and hardware.

Good luck

  brundle 20:24 28 Dec 2008

Late reply, thankyou recap - that's who we got our SBS from - I've been passing the details on to all the organisations we deal with that might eligible - they did us proud. I wish more items could be ordered at once though, I'd have had a Cisco router....

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