First pc need help with choosing

  Doofa57 15:49 18 May 2017

Hi sorry if I am posting in wrong place. I am getting my first pc I am wanting to play older games and some newer ones. I have to get it from a catalogue so have to pick from two. I5 7400 gtx 1050 ti 8gb ddr4 ram Or i5 6400 gtx 1060 6gb and 8gb dd4 I can't afford to get one from shop or build so it has to be from catalogs. Any help would be good the more I try read and research the more complicated everything gets.

  Archonar 18:23 18 May 2017

I would say the i5 6400 and the 1060, since the processor difference will not have as much of a difference as the difference between the 2 graphics cards. The effective speed difference between the graphics cards is 85% in favour of the 1060, but the difference between the processors is 6% (userbenchmark figures).

I would say look around for more deals but between those 2 for me it's a no brainer, the 1060.

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