First PC Build - Going horribly wrong!!!!

  kiddakidda 19:01 27 Aug 2008

Hi All,

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+
Samsung HD160JJ
2 x Samsung DDR2 1gb 667 Mem

I'm a first time poster to this forum and need some help on attempting to build my first PC.

I got all the bits and bobs together early on saturday morning and set about slowly putting them all together, no problems so far.

Now the fun begins,

After loading my XP disc (SP1 - SP2 software on seperate disc). The PC went through the format of the new drive and onto the installation. As soon as it got installing the 'Start Menu' the computer shut down! No re-boot, no error codes, nothing. The power just cut dead as if there were a power cut.

I spoke to some friends who stated that I should have installed the SATA driver, which made sense at the time.

So I started again, pressing F6 when prompted and installing the 2 drivers that were available to me taken from the ASUS disk provided.

Into installation it went, same result as soon as it got to the 'Start Menu' stage.

Fiddle sticks!!!!

What was expected to be a simple install was now turning into a nightmare. Over the Saturday and Sunday I tried, tried and tried again, all to no avail.

I decided to download the HUTIL utility from Samsung to test the SATA HD. This took a good couple of hours to do all of it's checks and then showed an 'ECC Error' which prevented me from doing a low level format.

I have spoke to the vendor about my Hard Drive and they have agreed to an exchange on the basis that the HD was fualty.

In the meantime I have used an old IDE HD to make sure that the processor and mobo were OK. No problems here and XP loaded a treat.

But this is what worries me now.

As soon as I tried to load the ASUS chipset software disk on the IDE HD - Guess What............ The computer shut down dead again, again no errors, nothing.

When I uninstalled the ASUS chipset in safe mode the computer becomes stable again.

I have tried the new versions of the chipset from ASUS all with the same result. I'm worried that when I get my new Hard Drive and attempt to use the ASUS SATA drivers that this will happen again and start shutting down and failing to load XP.

I'm also worried that the sudden shutdown may have damaged the HD in the first place, what are the chances of this?

Also if I can't use the ASUS SATA drivers how on earth am I going to get my new HD to work with my new PC Build?

A bit of a long one I know but any help on the above would be gratefully recieved.

Cheers All.

  RobCharles1981 19:19 27 Aug 2008

Hi Thanks for the long post very interesting!! :-D

It seems to me something there is overheating when you put the computer together did you apply thermal paste on the CPU???


It could be bad Ram search for memtest on google.

Good luck.

  skidzy 19:38 27 Aug 2008

Your sata drive is Faulty in my opinion ?
At first i was thinking your ram,but as you have loaded xp on the ide drive...that rules out the ram and cpu.

The ECC Error;
did this give you any coding ?

  kiddakidda 19:47 27 Aug 2008

Cheers Rob,

Why use 1 word when 50 will do eh?!

Applied thermal paste as instructed (very small gain of uncooked rice amount flatly spread over area on cooler).

Downloaded memtest and I will give it a try.

What I can't understand is that at the moment the PC is perfectly stable, I have installed other software today (norton ghost - to retrieve old files) with no issues.

I have ordered the mother of all heatsinks and fans in case it is running hot.

What do you think?


  kiddakidda 19:53 27 Aug 2008

Hello Skidsy,

I hope so.

It's the ASUS software that baffles me. As soon as I try to load it the computer shuts down.

What drivers can I use for my SATA if I can't use the ASUS ones?

Full details as per HUTIL utility:

C:1492 H:1 S:382 Error: ECC Error

I have no blinkin idea what that means!!


  skidzy 19:57 27 Aug 2008

Is it possible for you to place the sata drive in a caddy and plug into another computer and run chkdsk,i think you have damage sectors and chkdsk should map these out...basically they will not be used again.

The coding means nothing to me either...sorry.

  kiddakidda 20:07 27 Aug 2008

The hard drive is on it's way back to be exchanged. I have a new one being sent to me. Shall I do anything to it (ie: format, run HUTIL) before installing it?

I don't want to be in this situation again with the new SATA.


  skidzy 21:05 27 Aug 2008

The drive should come formatted,but if me,i would format it first anyway......but bear in mind,xp should format the drive before installation anyway.

I often hear that sata drivers should be installed first,but then ive always plugged in and away i go...maybe im lucky !

  woodchip 21:11 27 Aug 2008

It could be the CPU needs the extra power connector fitting or Graphics card

  kiddakidda 21:32 27 Aug 2008

Send a bit of that luck my way.

I'm unsure the install with the new SATA will go well, mainly due to the fact that I'm unable to load any ASUS drivers without the computer shutting down on me.

  kiddakidda 21:42 27 Aug 2008

Hi Woodchip,

Extra power connector? My 350w PSU was used in my old PC and has a 20 pin and a seperate 4 pin connector. My new board's main socket is a 24 pin and I plug the 20 pin into the bottom 20 of the 24 pins on the board. I plug the 4 pin into the 4 pin connector which is at the top of the board.

I have no graphics card or anything other than floppy, CD Rom, DVD RW and HDD plugged in to the PSU.

Do you think it could be a power issue?

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