First Gaming Pc £400-600

  JoshMorris 19:06 22 Sep 2015

I am looking to buy my First Gaming PC soon, however I am not sure to buy a prebuilt or build my own. I have a rough budget of £400-£600 I know the basics of RAM and CPU (GHz) but I do not know much about Graphics cards and motherboards. I want this PC to run higher end games with no lag such as: Call of duties, DayZ, GTA V, Counter Strike, ARMAs, left 4 dead and some others. I appreciate all help.

  lipex 14:43 25 Sep 2015

With theese parts you can play even Call of Duty Advanced Warface at very high settings. And the ram memory u can buy some Hyper X 2x4gb or 2x8gb and motherboard something that these parts can fit in and be compatible and a 750W power supply would be fine. I guess this is around 600£. Procesor is around £100.00, video card around £200, ram around £60, power supply around 50£-60£, and a cool case for it and a motherboard the rest until 600£. :) click here


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