First flashe site.

  AcidBurn7uk 23:42 23 Feb 2004

I have started to vreate my own flash site today, but I dont know how to use iFrames etc. I use these quite alot when creating pages with plain HTML but don't have a clue with flash. I am actually usin Swish2.0 to create the site as I still havn't figured how to use Flash properly! please help as I want my mark on the web to be half decent, my attempt so far can be found here: click here
Forgive the slowness of tripod and all the ads, the site will hopefully be 'professionally' hosted once completed.

  Forum Editor 00:33 24 Feb 2004

your link produces a 404 error (page not found).

Perhaps you can post again?

  Jester2K 07:35 24 Feb 2004
  Jester2K 07:37 24 Feb 2004

Maybe not...

  AcidBurn7uk 10:50 24 Feb 2004

ooopps. Sotty bout that, this is the right link: click here

  Taran 11:03 24 Feb 2004

Two things:

1. Your movie consists of "Welcome to Jays World", so there really isn't a lot to base an opinion on.

2. Flash based sites may look nice [when done properly] but:

a/ they are a search engine nightmare

b/ unless you use referenced textfiles for page content they are awful to update since your text is saved as a graphic within the Flash movie

c/ accessibility issues are too many to mention

d/ you rely on a browser plugin for people to even see it to begin with

e/ for a site of any size you rely on people being patient enought to sit staring at your "Loading..." splash screen while the site loads up which, on 56k dial up, becomes a real pain. Most people will actually close the browser when confronted by a Flash loading screen

That's enough to be going on with...

I'd like to see your finished results but there is more to argue against the use [or misuse] of Flash than there is in favour of it in most cases.

At the moment though there is just not enough to make any real judgement.

  AcidBurn7uk 11:29 24 Feb 2004

Thanks, I don't want this to be a 'live site' - it's just so I can learn the basics and some advanced features of flash. However, I will post the link to my final site here, so I can get your comments.

  PurplePenny 21:42 24 Feb 2004

.... there is a most disconcerting effect - the Lycos sponsored links on the right also flash on and off in a disjointed fashion on the left, over your box.


  AcidBurn7uk 23:09 24 Feb 2004

Forgive the ads, lycos is a temp solution while I develop it and find another host!

  tomleady 09:34 25 Feb 2004

u mentioned that u dont know how to use iFrames in your first post so here is a tutorial:

click here

i got this site from somewhere on this forum so hoep i'm not stepping on anyone's toes! its a very good site though and very useful.


  AcidBurn7uk 10:28 25 Feb 2004

Quote: "I have started to create my own flash site today, but I dont know how to use iFrames etc. I use these quite alot when creating pages with plain HTML"

Thanks anyway, and I'm sure the site you posted will come in handy in the future!

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