First computer purchase.

  AlanRLong50 10:10 14 Sep 2004

Hello.Im very confused about what new computer and accessories I need to purchase and need your help please.I've got a budget of around £1000 to spend.My computer will have to be capable of downloading 1400 cds (around 33,000 tracks at 3 minutes each approx) and be in stereo/mono and of hi-fi quality in terms of its downloading at its replaying through a hi fi system.I will be using broadband and a professional programme called CDDC onto which all my cds will be transferred.I do not want excessive sound compression which would distract me and don't mind paying for extra gb space to get a quality copy.Additionally,I will want to be able to remix selected tracks 'radio fashion' back-to-back and wonder if there are such programmes that I can purchase to do this kind of mixing? Also,I will need to be able to download several hundred pictures of various sizes going back over 90 years in both colour,sepia and b&w and make them a uniformed size. I would need to be able to print them off onto proper photographic paper.I will also need to be able to do letters and documents. I am not interested in computer games or TV,but would like a suitable hi fi radio output.I assume that such a computer would be able to handle this.I am confused by the array of computers on the market and would like advice please from people who already do these kind of things above to contact me and help me out!! All I ask is that you keep to non-technical terms wherever possible please!!I am looking for a computer firm which offers home repairs as part of the package since I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and dont want to have to return items to the manufacturer.Lastly,what is the best company I can use for broadband (not BT Yahoo) during the day.I thank you all in advance for your very kind help in solving this scary problem I have.Heres hoping a purchase is imminent!!! Thanks again.

  spuds 11:12 14 Sep 2004

Regarding the specification to a suitable computer, would be available from many sources, but I would suggest that the help and support side could be better, and may possibly come from a local computer builder, who would be 'on hand' to solve any problems. Configuration to your computer could result in software problems, and this in turn could result in expensive software help-line support. As to actual recommendation of a computer, I will leave this to a more knowledgable person, who perhaps as a computer model type doing exactly what you require.

Looking into the ISP side, then this can be the usual hard subjective question. What one person decides another may frown. I personally have used Tiscali/Lineone for many years with satisfaction. Friends have recommended Wanadoo/Freeserve whilst others have used their cable TV provider networks.All have their problems, but on the whole, all the big boys seem to follow each other, as they are all reliant on BT services and line supply. Looking at some of the offers to hand, it would perhaps pay to select one of this trial package offers and see how that goe's, before you make a final commitment.

Always pay by credit card or interest free computer finance loan. This will give you much added consumer protection.

Sorry that I have not been more helpful on your exact requirement, but some suggestions are there for consideration.

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