First class service from NTL

  Andsome 17:26 13 Feb 2003

I reported that Correct Connect kept failing and cutting me off. The helpline ran a diagnostic check and prommised that someone would call ASAP and arrange to visit me. Three hours later an engineer rang and arranged to call next day. All is now well. THAT'S WHAT I CALL SERVICE>

  obbit 17:30 13 Feb 2003

hi Andsome. do you still use correct connect? cos you don't need it. i had trouble with it so found that it's not necessary. I no longer have it installed.

  Scouse 17:31 13 Feb 2003

Garbage, you won't find that on my Puter!

  Coaster3 17:57 13 Feb 2003

You ought to post this on consumer watch. Nobody on there seem to like NTL (except me).

  y_not 18:47 13 Feb 2003

They came, they installed it, it works (thank God)

I am inpressed that you were able to get through on a help line!

I pray that my BB never goes down because the endless waits I've experienced while someone gets around to answering your call could lead to an increase in the suicide rates!

For me the product is great the service is..............................not

  Andsome 17:38 14 Feb 2003

I think that it depends where you live. Remember that NTL is a franchise set up, with different set ups in each area. There is I understand one controlling head office, but each area is run separately. I will stand correcting on this if I am wrong.

  Andsome 08:35 20 Feb 2003

I must admit that occasionally the connection goes down, and a red cross appears on top of the Correct Connect icon.The Correct Connect repair facility usually puts thing right. If Correct Connect is uninstalled what happens if the connection then goes down, how do you repair it without Correct Connect.

  jazzypop 11:49 20 Feb 2003

The easiest way is to pull the power lead out of the set-top box or cable modem, leave it for 10 seconds, then re-insert it.

This forces the modem to re-connect.

  Andsome 16:25 20 Feb 2003

Thanks for the tip

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