First Build Need Guidance

  Ex plorer 14:51 27 Oct 2005

Hi I have a midi case it?s a Foxcon TLA-397 350watt power supply fans fitted back and front ATX &
Micro ATX MOBO Capable. Just arived.

This will be my first build and I don?t want to waste money so advice is what I need.

I want to go AMD.

I am not into Gaming.

There are seven bays at the back to use for sliding cards through.

I want to fit 2 Cd DVD drives

Two 3.5s, One floppy, One card. I don?t want to rely on the all in one.

HD 160 is ample for my needs.

I need some click here to help for build.

Prosesor with fan may be a good start.

How much, MOBO CHIP HD ?225 Max.

The bug has bitten me and you will see more of me on here, I have Dell PCs from Pent 1 it cost 99p
To Pent 3 I hope to start from Dr Dos 3.11 / Win 95 and so on I have some old odds and ends even an old but new hand scanner with book, keen yes.

  De Marcus? 17:42 27 Oct 2005

You could try a mobo bundle from click here

Try thinking about what you want to use your pc for, advice from members will probably be more forthcoming and tailored to your needs.

Happy Building ;-)

  Arnie 18:29 27 Oct 2005

you could also try here.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 27 Oct 2005

Build your own PC
Videos click here
Info click here
PCmech click here

  961 19:04 27 Oct 2005
  Totally-braindead 19:27 27 Oct 2005

I bought one of the Novatech barebones bundles a few months ago for someone, I used his existing optical drives monitor etc but did buy a new hard drive as the one he had was a low capacity slower one, I also bought Windows XP OEM ( mind you the rules for that have changed now) Total cost was ?240 I think it was, hes very pleased with it so far.

  Ex plorer 20:20 27 Oct 2005

To be used for typing the odd letter storing and working on photos and surfing. Windows 2000 if I can find one.

  Ex plorer 23:13 28 Oct 2005

Hi back, What do I need the PC for, Main part will be for down loading music, 70% of the time by the family.

I would like to build a web site or is it a page at a later date. This would leave the other PCs for all other work.

Has any one got a comment on this bundle for the job? click here if this doesn’t work its at Novatech.

Dose any one know what the largest processor is that can be used on this board.

There are 5 PCI slots for upgrading sound cards etc. but at what point are you wasting money how far can that board go, its difficult to explain, say like your power supply it has its limitations I think in amps or watts.
If you wanted to increase your graphics how big can you go to be practical with that board?
At what point cant it take any more add on`s.

At the moment there is only one PC wired to the printer. I have a wireless network but I haven’t figured out how to net work my printer. I have been told its possible.

A mixture of questions hope you understand them.


  Ex plorer 23:16 28 Oct 2005
  dan11 23:36 28 Oct 2005

" Dose any one know what the largest processor is that can be used on this board."
click here

  961 09:43 29 Oct 2005

Looks like athlon 64 3400+

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