first build- gone wrong

  fencehouses 18:30 12 Mar 2010

hi room please help. trying to build my own pc and pluged her in and all i get is cpu fan and case fan running also my optical drive makes two short noises as it gets power to it also my power on light system consists of

Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard --AMD ATHLON II X3 435 2.9GHZ

Kingston 4GB, 1066MHz, DDR3, ECC Reg w/Parity CL7 DIMM Dual Rank, x4 w/Therm Sen


Corsair PSU/VX Series 450 Watt ATX ,PS/2 Power Supply -UK Version

Foxconn TLA-566 MATX/ATX Midi Tower Case

Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB SATA II 7200 16MB

i need some big help please any one .as i say on power up i just get power light on two short noises from optical drive. case fan and cpu fan run. i get nothing at all on my monitor.
please help someone . thank you

  Hudson 18:48 12 Mar 2010

Can you confirm that you're not getting any beeps from the system at startup? If no beeps, one possibility is that there's something conductive under the motherboard, like a spare mounting post or spacer (the little points of solder on the underside of the board are conductive, and anything touching them can create electrical problems). But perhaps first check that everything's seated correctly. Have you done any upgrades in the past? It can be hard to know how hard to push things together until you get a bit of experience.

  retep888 19:05 12 Mar 2010

You may find it's your RAM which gives you the problem, try getting one which is non ecc reg.

What you got now is normally for server boards.

  patrick-1429172 19:38 12 Mar 2010

google beep codes

  User-312386 19:54 12 Mar 2010

Most common problem is the wires to case/mobo. Check and duouble check them

  [email protected] 19:58 12 Mar 2010

Not so obvious and often overlooked:
All the fans and nothing else = CMSO battery dead or not seated properly.
(Don't assume it's good 'cos it's new) ;-)

  [email protected] 19:59 12 Mar 2010

Duhh - make that CMOS.

  fencehouses 18:17 13 Mar 2010

Hi all,I have removed the motherboard and made sure the internal battery is ok and well fitted also i have checked to make sure that when the m/board is refitted it is not shorting out also i have checked and triple checked all connections .I removed the 4gig ram and tried a restart I got lots of long beeps from pc speaker.this indicates a memeory fault obvious because i had removed it .I replaced ram and restarted pc again just as before cpu fan and case fan work no beeps from pc speaker no display of any kind on monitor.Retep 888 sugests my ram may be at fault not wanting to tread on any toes or sound ungreatfull but could this be my problem?

  sunnystaines 18:46 13 Mar 2010

you ram may be faulty goto memtest and make a floppy or cd place in the computer and reboot to test memory.

click here

is the graphics correctly seated in the socket plus check monitor lead, do you have access to a space graphics card to eliminate your one.

psu ? can you put it in another pc to see if it works.

worse scenario you may have blown the pc with static.

  sunnystaines 18:46 13 Mar 2010

space should read spare

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