First boot device, what should it be?

  Magik ®© 12:15 26 Jun 2003

hi.what is the best order for the boot sequence, because since fitting a new HDD, when the PC starts i get a line, to the effect of, "boot failure CD rom", or something like that, it then jumps past it and carries on to the desktop..or if is was changed would it just say the same about the rest of them..........thanks

  Sir Radfordin 12:20 26 Jun 2003

If you don't need to boot from the CD or Floppy Disk then disable them and only have the Hard drive as a boot device.

Its a security risk having the other two enabled (CD/Floppy) as they can be used to bypass OS security. Of course thats only applicable if people can get to the machine in the first place.

If you need at some point to boot from something else go into the BIOS and change it.

  Magik ®© 12:22 26 Jun 2003

thanks, never thought of that..i will give it a try.........

  Magik ®© 12:47 26 Jun 2003

just had a look, changed the first boot to HDD, but can find no way of disabling the other two.


  Sir Radfordin 12:49 26 Jun 2003

It'll depend on the options in the BIOS - what make PC is it?

  woodchip 12:52 26 Jun 2003

Just change them to HD

As woodchip says, just change first boot to HDD and the others will only come into play should this drive fail.

What you are doing is telling the Bios where it will find an operating system, eg, look first on Floppy, then CD then HDD etc, once it has found the op sys it stops looking.

If you have Win XP and need to reinstall you will have to change the choice back to CD and boot with the XP CD int he drive, much as you would leave the Win 98 Floopy in the drive if using that.

  Magik ®© 13:21 26 Jun 2003

thanks all for your help, the messsage at start up has now gone, which was the object of the a matter of interest the PC is Evesham..........

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