First Blue-Ray DVD Writer for my PC - recommendations please?

  BAW9DV 07:34 11 Aug 2011

Hi there,

I'm a new member and have five computers at home, two laptops and three desktops.

For the first time, I'm now interested in getting a Blue-Ray DVD writer for my main family PC. The PC is running Windows XP Pro SP3 fully updated on an Intel Core2Duo 2.20GHZ E4500 CPU with 2GB RAM, a 500GB 7200rpm HDD with 32MB cache an ASUS motherboard and an NVidia GeForce 7300 GS graphics card. I use a AOC 24" WideScreen monitor running at a resolution of 1900x1200.

From my initial research, it seems that there may be issues when installing and using such a writer with the Windows XP OS. I'd rather not change to Windows 7 yet on this PC so any ideas of what I could buy for my first BlueRay device that would work with Windows XP Pro would be welcome. Ideally, I'd like to find a multi-region device if possible but this can be overlooked if not available. I'm also told that selecting the right playback software is equially important here as well. And help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Lee James West Sussex UK

  eedcam 08:19 11 Aug 2011

Might be worth checking your pc out with this first link text

  sharpamat 08:41 11 Aug 2011

Heres the basic requirements your system will need

Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or equivalent or higher RAM: 128MB or higher Interface: USB 2.0 Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7 Hard Disk: 100 MB free space for software installation and 9 GB free space for creating a DVD image file (for Blu-ray playback) Intel Pentium-D 3.0 or Higher CPU; 1GB RAM; HDCP supported graphic cards with 256 MB RAM and 32-bit color support. ATI x 1600 or nVidia 7600GT or later GPU; HDCP capable monitors required. Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Vista or later required

I am presuming you are useing HMDI to connect to your monitor, These are available with prices starting to come down to a more viable level

  BAW9DV 09:24 11 Aug 2011


Thanks for your post. No, I do not use HDMI interface to conect my monitor - I use the standard VGA connector. As far as I see there is no other type of connector at the back of my system case.

From what you say, it would seem that my NVidia 7300 GS is not of a large enough specifiction to use a BlueRay disk on.

I'm a bit confused by that. however, thanks for your input.



  BAW9DV 09:31 11 Aug 2011


Thanks for the link. This links to an EXE file to download and run which then asks to install a programme on my computer. Whilst testing the EXE file with ESETNOD32 antivirus checks out ok, there is no documentation with this download to tell me what it does or how it works.

You'll appreciate that i do not want to install something that I know nothing about! Are you able to shed light on what this is and why I need to install it?

Thanks for your help,



  eedcam 11:04 11 Aug 2011

Lee what it does is check out what you have on your system regarding being suitable for Bd it then lists what is ok or not and what needs upgrading .Appreciate your caution but it is perfectly safe to use only takes a couple of minutes to scan and you can uninstall whenever

  eedcam 11:06 11 Aug 2011

Sorry forgot as to why you need to unstall it answer you dont but it may (along with any other advice given here)save you possibly wasting money getting something that might not work

  BAW9DV 13:21 11 Aug 2011


Ok thanks for that. Will install and have a look and report back.



  BAW9DV 14:18 11 Aug 2011


Installed and ran a check for the BlueRay basics. Everything checks out except that despite saying that the Graphics card PASSES for the required hardware acceleration, the card FAILS as the right type of card. Recommendations are to go up to an 8 series or above NVidia card which is no issue for me really. Test also confirms NO BR DRIVE present (I have a standard DVD writer drive installed as well as a CD) and the display type is confirmed as ANALOGUE as well as NO VIEWING SOFTWARE installed.

So I have some changes and decisions to make, especially for the viewing software.

Thanks for all your help,


  Woolwell 16:57 11 Aug 2011

Do you want a Blu-Ray Writer or Reader? I suggest that a writer is only useful if you have HD video to burn. I use an external LG writer to do this connected by e-Sata. It came with it's own software, Cyberlink DVD Suite, for playing blu-ray. For burning HD you need a good processor, plenty of RAM and a large hard drive. You may well find 4Gb of RAm would be better. Be prepared for it to take hours.

  BAW9DV 17:46 11 Aug 2011


I think I need to just get a reader really. I'm cool with CD and DVD burning and use Corel Video Studio - but not that clued up on BlueRay. I have thought about a BlueRay player to go into my 42" Samsung Plasma as well.

I understand about the burning issues with BlueRay. I have no HD video but my daughter's IPOD Touch takes HD video. presumably I'd need to convert and downgrade that to mix it with normal video to make a standard DVD?

I wanted to look at what I could do with the computer before I looked at the TV with BR player option.

Thanks for your comments,



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