FIrst attempt at a wirless network - please help

  davederbys 00:40 24 Dec 2005

I have a PC connected to a BT 1800HG wireless router which is accessing the internet fine. It is connected to the PC via a USB cable.

My second PC has a belkin USB wireless adapter plugged into it. It can see the router but continues to say that it cannot connect to the wireless netowrk. I just want to be able to use the internet via this second PC.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


  LAP 02:08 24 Dec 2005

Does your Bt 1800 have a built in modem? If so that's your problem because you do not need to connect it with the USB cable otherwise it's not 'wireless'. I did exactly the same, as soon as I removed the USB cable it worked on both our computers.

  davederbys 09:08 24 Dec 2005

My main PC does not have a network card or wireless card so the USB cable is necessary to connect it to the router - is the lack of a network card in the main PC an issue?

  LAP 10:43 24 Dec 2005

This is my set up. I have 2 computers in the same room. The wireless router is not 'wired' to either of them. I have a USB wireless adaptor plugged into each computer. I hope this helps?

  billybunn 17:04 24 Dec 2005

does your bt1800 have wireless security enabled? with some bt modems you can't turn the security off. If this is the problem you will have to enter an encryption key, usually this is set to be 64bit WEP and the hex key is on the bottom of the bt1800 modem, underneath the bar code. For more instructions on how to set it up check your user manual.

  LAP 16:43 29 Dec 2005

^ How did you get on? ^

  davederbys 17:28 29 Dec 2005

I am going to try a wireless network adapter in the main PC as you suggest. Thanks.
Will let you know how I get on.

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