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  Forum Editor 13:53 01 Nov 2003

I think I should dispel the popular myth that conventional wired networks cause "nowhere near as many problems as wireless networks" because it simply isn't true. I have spent a working lifetime in computing, and during that time I must have set up hundreds of wired networks. Wireless networking is an absolute breeze by comparison.

What most people perceive as problems with the network infrastructure - wired or wireless - are almost always problems with the operating system(s), and nothing to do with the hardware at all.

I can set up the hardware for a wireless network in less than half an hour, but the software side of it may take far longer - the same thing applies to wired networks. The Internet connection sharing side of it is no problem, and provided you have the right hardware it will happen almost without your intervention. On the network side - when you want to share files and resources there may be 'issues' as Microsoft would call them, and they are nearly always related to permissions. Provided you follow the Windows networking wizard to the letter, and ideally have the same operating system on all machines it should be a straightforward exercise.

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