Firmware upgrade - Linksys WRT54GS

  t1g100no 14:19 23 Aug 2006

Hi all.

I recently recommended the purchase of a Linksys WRT54GS router to a friend. I have one and it works well.

Unfortunately his router configuration screens appear to be in German! Although he is up and running through my screen-for-screen translation, he is about to attempt a firmware upgrade to fix the problem.

I have never attempted a firmware upgrade so I have two issues I hope you can help with please:

Does the router remember your network configuration settings after the upgrade or is it a case of restoring a saved config file? Or worse do you have to reconfigure from scratch?

Secondly, I read that it's a good idea to download a copy of the current running firmware before upgrading, just in case anything goes wrong. Unfortunately, it appears that only the latest firmware versions are available on the official Linksys site so does anyone know of a site where previous firmware versions might be available please?



  ade.h 15:49 23 Aug 2006

1) Not normally; as I understand it, the firmware flash will in most cases overwrite the memory. I would expect that the settings are on the same ROM chip.
2) Restoring a saved config file may or may not work, depending on whether it requires the same firmware version or whether the new version is substantially different. Unknown territory.
3) A very good idea, I would say. Covers your back in case any of the above issues crop up, or that the new revision is not 100% solid. The trouble is that most router manufacturers do not offer anything beyond the latest version. I cover that by downloading a copy of the original for any new router at the time of installation, but that's academic here of course.
I think you should just save the config file anyway, but write down your settings and option choices in case they are wiped and you need to re-enter them. I would expect the new firmware rev to be okay.

  t1g100no 10:02 24 Aug 2006

Thanks ade.h

My friend informs me he's holidaying in Torquay for the weekend (lucky sod!) but will try when he returns.



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