firmware upgrade

  moorephil 17:46 22 Oct 2006

Can anyone help with a firmware upgrade for my sony DVD writer version DW-U18A.I have been on the sony website but they dont seem to support optical drives anymore.
I have found out that the writer is a re-badged Lite-On SOHW-812S,this is shown on the Lite-On website and has a firmware upgrade for that model,but on trying to use it to upgrade the DW-U18A, it doesnt work.
Any help please.

  SANTOS7 17:58 22 Oct 2006

You shouldn't realy need firmware upgrades for optical drives, all you need is the O/Systems generic drivers.
what sort of problems are you having..

p.s. if you use the wrong upgade you will render the drive useless..

  anskyber 17:59 22 Oct 2006

This should be approaced with care I would say. click here

  sean-278262 18:01 22 Oct 2006

Is there a reason you want to upgrade the firmware?

  moorephil 20:33 22 Oct 2006

I find your comments interesting.
I am using verbatim or tayo yunden blank disc's,these are supposed to be good quality disc's and I believe they are.They write at 16x speed whilst my DW-U18A can only write at 4x max.Verbatim say if you experience problems you may need upgrade your firmware.
The disc's sometimes briefly stop during playback,this is something I need to resolve.
Any more ideas.

  SANTOS7 20:38 22 Oct 2006

they may be good quality discs but may not altogether be compat with your optical drive, they all have there own quirks and some work others do not have you tried another make.
you say they stop briefly during playback colud well be that your drive is dying

  moorephil 20:43 22 Oct 2006

are you saying I might need a new drive?

  SANTOS7 20:48 22 Oct 2006

Possibility!! Have you tried uninstalling in device manager and rebooting Xp should find your drive and reconfigure it, the next cheapest option is to try some other make of disc, it maybe that simple..

  moorephil 21:01 22 Oct 2006

Thanks for your help SANTOS7. I will try your idea.Do you know of any other good quality blank disc's?

  SANTOS7 21:06 22 Oct 2006

I actually use the cheapest i can find, go to manufacturers website they will probably reccomend some, i'll have a look as well..

  Stuartli 21:10 22 Oct 2006


click here=

click here (re LiteOn firmware)

click here (also states both gear and belt driven versions)

Firmware source:

click here

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