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  BLH 12:37 10 Sep 2004

Hi any ideas as to ware I can get a firmware update for a LG 4520B combi drive (OME product)
I've tried the LG webb site but their update says it's the wrong drive. it's not. thanks.

  sicknote 12:51 10 Sep 2004

Did you follow this instructions
GCC-4520B Version 101 Firmware Update

To update the firmware of the GCC-4520B please refer to the following instructions:

Note: Not following the subsequent update instructions explicitly will result in
permanent damage to your drive, for which LG will not be responsible.

This firmware update is for drives with original firmware versions below 100.
The drives must be original LG branded drives with the Combo Drive model number
GCC-4520B (no OEM units).

If you have an OEM unit, branded with another manufacturers name,
please contact that manufacturer for support and firmware updates.

This firmware update is for use only on PC¡¯s with Windows XP, Windows 2000,
Windows Millennium Edition (ME), or Windows 98.

Critical Instructions: (to be followed carefully)
1. Connect the drive as ¡°master¡± by it self, on the secondary IDE controller
with no other device on the same IDE cable, making note to set the jumper
on the back of the drive to the ¡°master¡± position.
2. Download the file GCC-4520B101(EW).ZIP to a folder of your choice.
This download includes this ¡°Readme¡± text file, as well as the GCC-4520B101(E).EXE program,
which will auto-update your drive¡¯s firmware.
3. Close all other programs including: screen saver, antivirus and/or power-down programs.
(If these programs are not closed, they will try to engage the PC, during the update process,
thus interrupting the update and damaging the drive).
4. Check the drive to ensure that there is no disk in the tray before you start the update procedure.
5. Go into the folder with the update file and double click the GCC-4520B101(E).EXE program.
Firmware upgrade will be automatically started.
When the UPGRADE is complete the screen should indicate FIRMWARE UPDATE SUCCESSFUL.
Re-boot your PC.
The update will be complete, after you reboot your system.

  BLH 15:43 10 Sep 2004

Hi sicknote, I,m running Win XP Pro. yes I did follow the instructions exactly as they are written, my drive was purchased as a OME product but it is branded by LG with their name and model No. nothing about OME on the drive at all. I just wondered if you could get the firmware from someone that supported OME products. Thanks again

  dazzling 15:52 10 Sep 2004

why do you want to upgrade the firmware?if your not having problems dont do it its risky.if your looking to make the dvd multi region do a google search for multi region firmware or you could try click here . darren

  TomJerry 16:09 10 Sep 2004

You can get it from The firmware page. You can get any firmware:
click here

  Stuartli 16:20 10 Sep 2004

Are you sure you are not confusing firmware with a driver?

Any CD/DVD-ROM or rewriter only needs the basic Windows CDROM driver, installed automatically when you install a drive. The unit's operation is done using software (in the case of rewriters) such as Nero.

Firmware is a different kettle of fish and one mistake can render a drive fit only for the weekly rubbish collection.

  BLH 17:28 10 Sep 2004

Thanks dazzling & TomJerry I've copied your links,
and thank you all for your response, I have updated the firmware before on other drives with no problems but this one puzzled me, well lesson learned no more OME products, Thanks BLH

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