firmware unzipping

  Bike-it 19:37 16 Nov 2010

I am trying to unzip a folder that i got in an email today it contains new firmware for my router, but whenever i try to unzip it i get the following message

Adobe reader could not open uk billion 7800N-1.06a zip because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged,
for example it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded.

I also tried downloading the firmware from their website but i get the same message.

Is adobe reader the normal programme for unzipping download files?

I would have recommended WinRAR but as eedcam has set himself up as guardian of commercial intrusions I suggest you choose a FREE one from here click here

  MAT ALAN 19:52 16 Nov 2010

Is adobe reader the normal programme for unzipping download files?

NO you will need a prog that has an association to the file type.
Why do you feel the need to update, firmware updates if done wrong can render you hardware useless...
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  Bike-it 20:01 16 Nov 2010

adobe opens whenever i try to open a zip file, how i don't know, as i didn't set it up to do this, if this is not the correct programme to open zip file how do i change this.

as for updating the firmware i am having problems with my router and the tech support for it sent my an upgrade in an email today, that is waht i am trying to open

  MAT ALAN 20:05 16 Nov 2010

Have you tried just resetting it, that seems to work more often than not...
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If you install a zip unlocking program and then right click on the zipped file it should allow you to select the program to unzip 9may also give the opportunity to "always use this program"

Try MAT ALAN's suggestions before using the new firmware.

  Bike-it 20:12 16 Nov 2010

I tried resetting it but nothing changed, so that's why tech support suggested new firmware,

is 7 zip any good and easy to use

  MAT ALAN 20:17 16 Nov 2010

7 zip looks OK to me...
As undyer says right click on file and choose to "open with" follow path to 7 zip job should be done

Can't say for 7Zip but you can try WinRAR for free it has a wizard and is dead easy to use.

  MAT ALAN 20:22 16 Nov 2010

Have to say i use winRAR been useing the trial version for years, it sorta just keeps doing what i want it to do...

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