dlguk 17:26 14 Dec 2011

I recently purchased an nVIDIA 6200AGP8x 350MHz Graphics Card with 512MB For an eight year old Dell Dimension 4600i (P4, 3G HT with a 128 card). As I didn’t think I was getting the full benefit of the new card I checked in BIOS. The maximum it goes to is 256 so I looked the Dell site and saw there were 4 updates, one being video, ok so I downloaded it, and then stopped. I have had a bad experience with firmware (a Plextor drive that refused to work after an update) as a result I am not sure whether to go ahead or not. Ok pathetic but please humour me, do the risks out way the benefits. Oh, re. the HP on this PC, I noticed it is disabled in BIOS sorry better for a new thread perhaps. Dave

  BRYNIT 18:16 14 Dec 2011

Now lets see if I understand. You have replaced the the original graphics card with a nVIDIA 6200AGP8x 350MHz Graphics Card.

From the Dell web site it only shows one update for the Bios but it does not state what it was for so should not be used.

Although it does have several driver updates for graphics cards these are not for the new card you have installed and should not be used. Go to the nVidia web site for new updated drivers.

From my memory the bios does not indicate how much memory the graphics card uses. I could be wrong.

  KRONOS the First 18:22 14 Dec 2011

I think you might be confusing firmware with drivers. As BRYNIT has said go to the NVidia site, Drivers, and get the latest for your card. You do not state what card you had originally had in your PC so it might mean uninstalling the old graphics card drivers prior to installing the new.

  dlguk 19:26 14 Dec 2011

On the particular PC I refer too, in BIOS under video,AGP, hit spacebar and it toggles 128,256,32,64. The original was 128Mb, on the Dell site there were 4 BIOS updates one of which marked ‘urgent’ was video, the one I downloaded. After installing the card then driver, I rebooted and checked for updates from nVidia, found one and installed it. Hope this is clear.

  dlguk 14:36 23 Dec 2011

The software update was for a 258Meg card, so I reinstalled the driver and ignored the update, works fine now.

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