phildux 19:17 24 Jan 2006

Please could somebody tell me which of these can be considered firmware. 1) 3.5" floppy disk 2)Hard Disk 3) Flash BIOS 4) Word Documents

  MidgetMan 19:20 24 Jan 2006

IMHO bios flash, the rest are counted as hardware, except the word doc which is a file.

What is this a test???

  chub_tor 19:22 24 Jan 2006

Dictionary definition


Computer program held permanently in a computer's ROM (read-only memory) chips, as opposed to a program that is read in from external memory as it is needed.
© From the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia.
Helicon Publishing LTD 2000.
All rights reserved.


  MidgetMan 19:23 24 Jan 2006

Phew, looks like I passed then! :>)

  Totally-braindead 19:24 24 Jan 2006


  phildux 19:27 24 Jan 2006

thanks tryng to finish some home work before tomorrow

  MidgetMan 19:28 24 Jan 2006

Thats ok, £4.50 please!

  phildux 19:28 24 Jan 2006

78 questions here has anybody got all night :>)

  phildux 19:46 24 Jan 2006

hope nobody minds but i have another, is flash bios a form of 1) rom 2) prom 3) eprom 4) eeprom

  Flying Teddy 19:49 24 Jan 2006

To use one other person's work is called plagiarism. To use many other people's work is called research!

  bremner 19:53 24 Jan 2006


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