Firewire to USB conversion

  bemuzed 21:37 07 Apr 2010

My camcorder has a firewire connection but my laptop only has USB. I have a cable with firewire one end and USB the other end but when I plug into PC and camera I cannot collect video into Moviemaker or Picassa. Is there some other software I need?

  eedcam 22:03 07 Apr 2010

You cannot get a firewire to usb ocnversion nowt to do with software.Does your laptop not have the provision for a firewire card on the side

  chub_tor 22:06 07 Apr 2010

Firewire and USB are two different technologies and you cannot use a simple straight connector to go from one to the other, you need some kind of adapter, for example click here. Alternatively you can add a card to your laptop in the PCMCIA slot or the Express slot depending on your laptop.

  bemuzed 22:07 07 Apr 2010

No firewire port. I managed to buy a cable so assumed there was some way of doing it. Are you saying the cable is useless? At least it was only £1.50 down the drain.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:14 07 Apr 2010

Speed aside, the big difference between FireWire and USB 2.0 is that USB 2.0 is host-based, meaning that devices must connect to a computer in order to communicate. FireWire is peer-to-peer, meaning that two FireWire cameras can talk to each other without going through a computer.

The DV to USB 2.0 Transfer Cable is designed to provide superior image quality and blazing fast transfer times. It’s patented micro chip technology within the cable module ensures that data is preserved from its original format.
It’s hard to tell whether the DV camera can be mounted on the Windows desktop or whether it must be imported into the bundled ImageMixer application.

  northumbria61 22:26 07 Apr 2010 1 Port USB 2.0 & 2 Port FireWire ExpressCard Laptop Combo Adapter Card USB / FireWire adapter

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:44 07 Apr 2010

Plug camera in, switch on - in you movie / photo software - Import from camera

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