Firewire with Norton...?

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I've just switched back to using a PC after having a Mac for 5 years (Hooray!) but I bought a plug and play fireiwre card which I've fitted and the PC seems to recognise, but it doesn't seem to see my lacie drive which I've connected it to. The light on the Lacie lights up so I think the lacie can see the PC.

I've tried different ways of connecting it before booting up and after... I was just wondering, would Norton anti virus be blocking it in anyway... As I've been using a mac I haven't used the Norton software before but it was already installed on my PC and I don't know much about it.

Thank you!

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Is the drive new or have you used it before, if new has it been formatted, what operating system do you use Windows XP, if you look under control panel, system, device manager are there any exclamation marks on any of the devices listed?

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Thanks for replying... I used to use the drive with my ibook but I don't remember formatting it for mac so thought it would be ok just to connect it to my PC. Im using XP now so will have a look at the device manager this evening and see if there are any exclamation marks. Off the top of my head when I was trying to go through everything to see if I could work it out I didn't notice anything. I actually tried connecting my ibook as an external firewire drive also and it started up but my PC couldn't see it.

Will have a look though... thanks again


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I might be wrong here but I think you will find that Macs and PCs use different formatting for the hard drives and this is most likely the reason. I'm afraid I don't know much about Macs.

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Really...? I just don't remember it being formatted either way. My PC doesn't recognise my ibook when I start that up as an external drive either though and I've been told that it should...although that was with someone who works only with macs... : (

Thanks again for your help though.

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