Firewire leads

  User-F19B448A-819C-4883-991C282DFCFBDA20 11:13 14 Oct 2003

Can anyone tell me the difference between 4w-4w and 4w-6w firewire leads? Which lead is used for a sony digital 8 camcorder?

  fitshase 12:18 14 Oct 2003

I don't think that sony digital 8 camcorder have a firewire port on them. I think that only the miniDV camcorders have a firewire (or DV in/out, iLink, as they are sometimes called).

The 4w-4w is a cable with 2 small ends on.

The 4w-6w is a cable with a small plug on one end and a larger (near USB size) plug on the other end.

Normally a firewire card in your computer has a 6w socket and a camcorder has a 4w.

If your camcorder does have a small socket for the firewire then you would need the 4/6 cable.



  fitshase 12:22 14 Oct 2003

I stand corrected. The Sony Digital 8 camcorders do have an iLink (DV in/out) socket (just looked on click here)

It will probably be the 4/6 cable you will need in order to connect to your computer.



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