Firewire ExpressCard34 Not Outputting

  Kidderman3 12:34 30 Mar 2017

I have two firewire audio interfaces by different manufacturers which I would like to connect to my Sony Vaio laptop for music production. The laptop has an ExpressCard slot which is 34mm wide. I have purchased two different firewire ExpressCards with ports which should enable connectivity. I have so far had no success in connecting the interfaces and getting them to work, despite doing everything which I've been advised to do. Both interfaces work fine on a desktop computer (Windows 7) with a PCI-e firewire Card in an internal slot. The LED lights on both devices illuminate during boot up and remain on until the computer is powered off. The device drivers are up to date. I have selected the Windows Legacy firewire driver in Device Manager as advised by the interface manufacturers. They are obviously the correct Windows drivers for the interfaces. The problem is, despite having all the same drivers and settings in my laptop, I can't get any signal to the devices via the Expresscard in the slot in the laptop. Device Manager is indicating that the card is working properly. I have used a tool called TCAT OHCI 1394 TOOL which scans and analyses firewire hardware. It gives the status of the card as active and indicates that the card is "compatible, no known issues". I follow connection and disconnection guidelines for the interfaces (don't connect or disconnect while the PC is running). I've tried different cables, two different ExpressCards, uninstalling and reinstalling hardware drivers repeatedly. Whatever I try, I get no lights or connection indications from either interface. So I'm pretty much stuck. I've seen a couple of posts which advise trying to enable or configure the ExpressCard slot in the BIOS, however the VAIO laptop BIOS is pretty simple and doesn't seem to have options for making those type of changes. If there is anyone out there who may be able to offer a solution to this, I'd be very grateful.

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