Firewire connector

  nilzzr 17:00 20 Nov 2003

Hi, i just bought a new pc. it didnt have onboard firewire, but for some reason the manufacturer put it in a case with a front mounted firewire port. i have installed a firewire card with an internal firewire port and was wondering if it was possible to connect it to the front mounted port? the cable coming from the front mount port ends with a 8 pin female connector that would normally go into the motherboard. does anyone know of any connectors that will allow me to do this?

  Cretin07 11:30 21 Nov 2003

if your mobo supports front firewire then that 8pin thing is for the mobo. i dont think you can connect it to your firewire card.

  DieSse 11:37 21 Nov 2003

If your firwire card has an internal port, and the connector for this is suitable for using with the case mounted port - then you can use it.

You will have to take care in matching the wires from the case to the connector - but you should have the manual with the card that specifies how the internal port is wired.

Then again the connectors may be the wrong type - you will have to look to find out.

  nilzzr 12:32 21 Nov 2003

thanks for the help guys.
i aint got a connector on the motherboard and i dont fancy getting out my soldering iron to try n connect the wires to the firewire card (didnt come with any instructions) so it looks like ill have to keep swappping round cables at the back :(

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