Firewire connection,no MB header

  iqs 20:34 11 Sep 2008


I would like to connect my front firewire sockets to my MB ,but it lacks any IEEE headers.

I have seen this card availableclick here ,it has an internal firewire port,but its a different connection to the case connectors.

Is there a gadget which will allow the union ?.


  skidzy 20:57 11 Sep 2008

Can you post your mobo make and model number please,we can then check for you.

"but its a different connection to the case connectors."

Can you explain a bit more please ?
Or did you mean connection to the pci/pcie slot ?

  iqs 21:07 11 Sep 2008


The MB is Foxconn 946GZ/PL7MA.

The firewire case connections are similar to the USB 2.0 case connections that fit onto the USB MB header.

The Firewire card I included has a port for fitting an extra Firewire device.I was wondering if there is a lead which will connect the case connections to the PCI-E card internal port.

Hope this helps skidzy.


  skidzy 21:26 11 Sep 2008

The card in your link,is this not just a plug and go card iqs ?
I dont think you need the mobo headers on that one.

Or are you saying you wish to try and connect 2 firewire cards together via the internal connection,if so ..i have not seen this connector but im pretty sure one will exist.

I dont seem to be able to much info on your mobo,i can find info on 946gz/7ma if relevant.

  skidzy 21:27 11 Sep 2008

Can you check your mobo again if its a 8KRS2H

  iqs 21:34 11 Sep 2008

Hi skidzy,
Sorry I'm not making much sense,I have been up since 6 this morning working hard...very tired

My MB is 946GZ7MA 946PL7MA

I'm trying to connect the front Firewire ports directly to the Firewire card.


  chub_tor 21:35 11 Sep 2008

click here is what you need but I don't know of a UK source. I was able to get one shipped to my daughter's address in the States and she sent it to me.

Alternatively click here would enable you to connect your front panel header to the Maplin card. Will be a bit of a tangle inside the PC but is doable.

  skidzy 21:37 11 Sep 2008

sorry,ive got you now.
Why not forget for now the front ports and use your pcie card and connect from the back.

What you are after is a firewire case adaptor connector....i think !!!
Just going to have a look around.

I need to go into Maplins tomorrow and if i remember will have a look for you.

  iqs 21:41 11 Sep 2008

Hi chub_tor,that looks like the baby,will have a better look tomorrow,when I'm less tired.Cheers

Hi skidzy,if you don't mind looking in Maplins,it would be appreciated ,Cheers

  skidzy 21:50 11 Sep 2008

Excellent well done,i could only find something in the states too.Though maybe a silly qestion,as it says pci does this mean pcie also ?

iqs,i will look in Maplins tomorrow.

  chub_tor 21:57 11 Sep 2008

The card I had shipped from the States was pci, I couldn't find one for pcie.

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