firewire connection

  doctot bob 16:42 10 Mar 2003

I want to connect a digital camcorder to my new PC and don't know how to. It hasn't got a firewire connection, though it cam with a video editing software package. Can you advise me please.

  Kate B 18:22 10 Mar 2003

Hi doctot bob, you'll have to install a firewire card. This is dead easy - even I can do it. Turn off the PC, open up the case and drop the firewire card into a free PCI slot - you'll see where it goes. Screw it into place, put the case back on and boot up the PC. Windows should find the card and install the drivers without any hassle. is a good place to buy a firewire card.

  bald eagle1 08:46 19 Apr 2003

Just tried exactly that. But the PC doesn't seem to see the Camera as "Studeo SE cannot initialize the DV capture device" comes up. The PC tells me the 1394 host is working. DV is Panasonic NV-DS65B. Help

  MichelleC 09:48 19 Apr 2003

bald eagle1, if you start another thread maybe we can help - give as much info as poss; os etc.

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