firewire alternatives without using pci

  chrisvx 14:46 26 Feb 2009

i have a sony camcorder and need a firewire port to transfer video at the correct speed, however, i do not have a spare pci slot on my current pc

are there any other alternatives?

thank you in advance

  Technotiger 14:55 26 Feb 2009

Some sound cards include a Firewire port - my Audigy2 does. So if you already have a PCI sound card (without that port) perhaps you could change your sound card for one which does have such a port.

  scotty 14:56 26 Feb 2009

There are possibilities but you would need to tell us more about the PC.

Your mother board may support firewire even though there is no connector provided. Check the motherboard documentation.

What are the cards currently in the PCI slots? You can get combined firewire and USB cards so you could replace a PCI usb card with a combined card.

  chrisvx 15:02 26 Feb 2009

i have a pci taken up with the modem, and one taken up by the windows media centre tv tuner

also, my sound card seems to be intergrated with the modem, as i now have no sound after removing it

  Technotiger 15:09 26 Feb 2009

Perhaps a bit more info about your hardware would help. What motherboard for a start. Also I might be having a Senior Moment, but I have not heard of a modem with integrated Sound?

  chrisvx 15:12 26 Feb 2009

well, im not 100% certain, but at least 95% that my modem has integrated sound

since i have unplugged the modem to put a firewire pci card in, i have no sound, and control pannel is saying that i have a sound liked modem

im unsure on my motherboard as its a 2 year old computer.

i came accross firewire cards with internal connections, non pci, are they worthwhile?

  Technotiger 15:15 26 Feb 2009

If you download and run click here then click on Motherboard in the left-hand column, it will give you all the details of your Motherboard.

  Technotiger 15:15 26 Feb 2009

PS - it will also give you all the other details of your entire PC.

  chrisvx 15:19 26 Feb 2009

right.. i have ran that programme and it has come back with...

Property Value
Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0JC474
Serial Number ..CN481115AD08ZW.

North Bridge Intel i915P/i915G Revision B1
South Bridge Intel 82801FB (ICH6) Revision B1

CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Cpu Socket Socket 775 LGA

System Slots 4 PCI

Memory Summary
Maximum Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Slots 2
Error Correction Single-bit ECC

Warning! Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

it says 4 pci, but when i have had it apart trying to install a firewire pci card, i only have 2

  Technotiger 15:50 26 Feb 2009

Hmm, yes that board does only have two PCI slots. It also has on-board Audio, which would show-up in the BIOS as AC97.

Not too sure what you could do about the Firewire, could not tell whether it has on-board Firewire.

You could check the Audio in the BIOS to make sure it is enabled.

  Technotiger 15:52 26 Feb 2009

PS - also if you go into the BIOS you could look for any mention of Firewire IEEE 1394. Or you could also check for any mention of Firewire, in Devices.

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