Hetti 12:08 14 Oct 2004

I bought a new PC which is supposed ti have firewire, I have just got it up and running but have not installed any printer/scanners yet, my question is how do I know if PC do's have a firewire installed.

Excuse if a s
question but Im not

  Hetti 12:10 14 Oct 2004

to complete previous post

Im not bset with PC's

  JonnyTub 12:13 14 Oct 2004

look for a port on you pc whic looks like click here

  GroupFC 12:40 14 Oct 2004

See my reply in your other post click here

  JonnyTub 12:49 14 Oct 2004

sorry misread your post hetti, follow groupfc's link to your other thread of the same name.

  Hetti 19:47 15 Oct 2004

Thanks guys .sorted

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