Firewall/Usb2 querie

  3tg 20:08 28 Dec 2003

I have ordered a new computer that has a firewall and Usb 2 ports. As I am a bit of a novice and I am used to Usb 1, can you please tell me how the above are used, it also has a 1394? port. The computer is HP T160. Many thanks for any replies which will be grayefully received

  powerless 20:13 28 Dec 2003

You mean "Firewire"?

1394 = Firwire

Generally you will not notice anything. If you use USB2 and the fireire in the way they were designed to be used you will see higer data transfers.

For example a hard disk (usb2) a digital camcorder (firewire)

  3tg 20:35 28 Dec 2003

Sorry I meant firewire, for the Usb2, will I need a dedicated cable for this?, cheers

  3tg 23:16 28 Dec 2003

Thanks anyway.

  powerless 23:24 28 Dec 2003

usb2 cable no.

  3tg 23:56 28 Dec 2003

I did not mean to be rude, I am a "silver surfer" and my knowledge of computers is limited. I thought perhaps I had asked a silly question. I realise my relpy was a bit blunt. Cheers.

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