Firewalls...stay with XP's or Zonealarm?

  nick_j007 11:10 07 Jul 2003

The title says it all. It all seems to be working fine now as I am Broadband with freeserve on a Dell laptop. Will a free utility such as Zonealarm give me MORE protection?
Your thoughts as always are more than welcome.

Kind Regards to you all, Nick Jones

  geezer13 11:19 07 Jul 2003

Personally I use Norton Security, which includes firewall, but from what I understand XP firewall will do the job.

I did use ZoneAlarm a few years ago and I didnt find it very user friendly and it was very annoying.

  nick_j007 11:23 07 Jul 2003

Interesting point Geezer13 thanks. Xp's needs no configuring only a tick so it feels simple. Providing it is good enough of course.


whilst norton would certainly be my preference, zone alarm is to be considered superior to the xp firewall as it blocks outbound traffic therefore your computer cannot be used to launch attacks against other partys and your information cannot be sent out. the interface is relatively easy to understand nowadays and gives much more feedback than the xp firewall.


  ThorPet 11:30 07 Jul 2003

I've used a variety of firewalls including Norton Security, but I always ended up going back to ZoneAlarm. In fact, I've just upgraded to the latest version.

I don't trust Microsoft enough to use their firewall and I didn't like being forced to use Norton anti-virus with the Norton Security suite.

  Bramblerose 11:32 07 Jul 2003

I was going to post a similar thread with a slightly differant twist - I have two PC's networked, one for Home and one for Work - the home pc goes through the work pc for internet access and the home pc is used mainly by the kids who if I let them would suck the whole internet through my broadband connection - I use the XP firewall on the works pc at the moment although I am not sure if I need Zone Alarm or not - If I installed ZA on the works pc would it also protect the home pc and would the works pc be able to block/allow access for the home pc?

bramblerose , Yes yes and yes.

  Bramblerose 11:38 07 Jul 2003

so, just to clarify... It would be better to install ZA on the works pc as it would protect the home and allow me (work) to block/allow access for both?

And that would be ZA pro or the free version?


yes , the free version will be adequate , the pro version justs adds a fewthings that you can do with other free utilities (popup blocking. route tracing etc.)

  Bramblerose 13:01 07 Jul 2003

Sorted - cheers horiz5

  nick_j007 13:20 07 Jul 2003

Well ok, I may give it a go on balance as it may give me more peace of mind. It sounds as though it is a little more simple to use too.

Many thanks,


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