firewalls which one IE problem with ZA

  ©®@$? 22:00 15 Nov 2003

i have a prob with ZA (i think)

i have random freezes on my computer, and whenever these freezes happen there is an error in the event viewer

truevector service

event id 5007

so i would like to try another firewall just to test to see if i get these crashes

i would like a decent one ofcourse

which do you recommend

  porci 22:05 15 Nov 2003

Sygate is another very good option

  ©®@$? 22:21 15 Nov 2003

ok thanks i'll give that a go.

  ©®@$? 22:22 15 Nov 2003

is sygate free

  ©®@$? 22:23 15 Nov 2003

i've answered my own question

  TommyRed 22:31 15 Nov 2003

Also try Agnitum Outpost which I changed to from ZA after reading the FE uses it, it's free and never appears to want to be updated click here HTH TR

  ©®@$? 22:47 15 Nov 2003

it's always worth a look cheers

im running that sygate at the moment to see how it goes, but i'll defenatly keep that in mind

  TheTerminator 22:47 15 Nov 2003

i had zone alarm for a year and have been delighted with sygate for the past few months now. It really is superb. I wish I had listened to my chums on this board earlier now...

  ©®@$? 22:48 15 Nov 2003

quite like the look of this sygate

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