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  Beep 19:40 17 Jan 2003
  Beep 19:40 17 Jan 2003

I used ZoneAlarm till recently when it threw a wobbler and locked internet access despited showing all systems working. I uninstalled it and everthing worked fine. Some how despite its ease of used for a novice, I never liked it. I installed sygate - liked it, but it was far too complicated for me - I was allowing just about everything because i dont really inderstand what all the files are plus everytime i used some applications it asked for permission to access the net -irritating. It stopped ads, but also various images in web pages I wanted and despite trying to turn off this blocking facility wouldnt. Duly uninstalled. Got any suggestions as to what to try next please? I need simple (read idiot proof) unobtusive but effective and ideally free. @Thanks

  michelleuk 20:56 17 Jan 2003


I would have suggested ZoneAlarm, but as you have tried it and had problems I don't know. I tend to go to click here when I am looking for security information as it is a great site for info and tests. Haven't been for a while but they may have some recomends.


  spuds 21:19 17 Jan 2003

I have used ZoneAlarm for quite along time now, without any problems. Still rate it very highly, especially as it is free and reliable. Perhaps your problem was due to you not setting it up correctly.

  DieSse 21:34 17 Jan 2003

You could try Outpost - this is highly rated.

click here

But I must say I found Sygate pretty straightforward, and causing no significant problems.

  Beep 22:17 17 Jan 2003

Whoops! That tells you how bad I am with computers, I used Outpost not sygate for the last couple of weeks.
DieSse - Is Sygate idiotproof???

Michelleuk grc recommended ZA a while back, i cant see recent feedback but it it was very hightly rated then.

Spuds, I used ZA for the past 4 mths, it was fine till it got corrupted when my ntl bb connection went down. It was easy to use, but somehow I just dont like it.

I have read the threads on here - but they dont really tell you about ease of use. I dont want to have to decide if LSSA.EXE - whatever that is should connect to the internet I want it to say do you want Word to connect - I can answer that.

  jazzypop 22:35 17 Jan 2003

Personally, I am very happy with Sygate.

Unfortunately, whatever (decent) firewall you choose, you will have to put a little bit of work in to understand whether lssa.exe should be accessing the web or not - I recommend click here for a clear and simple explanation of the various Windows services (certainly for XP). Once you are over the first 5 minutes of permitting the Windows services, Sygate does indeed say that 'winword.exe is trying to access', or whatever.

P.S. The free version of Sygate is just fine/

  Belatucadrus 23:11 17 Jan 2003

click here For Kerio Personal Firewall2 suitably idiotproof and there is a manual you can download if you need it.

  Beep 23:31 17 Jan 2003

Thank you thankyou thankyou Jazzypop. I dont mind putting in the time reading, but the 'crib'sheet is great. Anyone know any decent (layman) books on understanding XP home?

I should be able to review all f/walls when I ve done, since im on my third. Im givng sygate a shot. but will keep kerio in reserve.

Thank you all for the help.

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