Firewalls - Hardware or Software?

  igr 23:24 19 Oct 2004

Have been running Zonealarm Pro for about 2 years now with no operational issues. Whether it is doing any good I don't know, but as I have had no problems that can be laid at a firewall door then I guess it is doing its job

However, I connect to my office via a VPN and to comply with office security requirements I have been set up with a ZyXEL ADSL Router with built in Firewall (Replacing my ADSL modem). So now I have 'belt and braces' firewall covr, but the office 'tekkie' suggests that I get rid of ZoneAlarm and rely on the Hardware firewall. Unfortunately I think I understand ZA and how to make changes, but the hardware option seems to be fixed.

Any views on the issue?

  woodt 00:19 20 Oct 2004

Not really but have a read of this click here

  woodt 00:20 20 Oct 2004

By the way I also use ZA Pro and have had no problems so far

  igr 10:47 20 Oct 2004

Brilliant article. By pure accident I have come up with the perfect solution according to the article. As always the belt and braces scenario is the best insurance. I have been told that this would slow things down - but it's not obvious to me

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