Firewalls- far too many ??

  spuds 20:04 25 May 2003

About two months ago I placed this click here posting in the Helproom. Everything as been reasonably good until about a week ago. The system keeps crashing,then blank screen followed by re-boot.

When observing the modem unit, we find that the two indicator lights on the broadband modem,seem to give warning before a crash.They change colour from two greens to one green, one red then bang everything is lost.Contact as been made with BT and Freeserve support.BT have made a check on their system, which could amount to a £50 bill, as they have suggested that nothing is wrong with their system.Freeserve were contacted, and they were a little upset about BT's involvement.
Freeserve have requested that the whole system be left on for a period of 48 hours, so they can complete various checks?.

BT engineers have now come back, and suggested that it maybe possible that there are three firewalls working via the computer.And so causing the problem.They have suggested that there would be a firewall provided by Microsoft within the XP O/S. Plus there maybe a firewall provided by Freeserve. When I set the machine up on arrival,I was unaware that XP Home had a firewall or that Freeserve would have one in their system, so I installed ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm as now been shutdown,at the suggestion of the engineers,so the computer could now be open to outside interference, if no other firewalls are active.

As I have previously stated, the system worked okay since arrival and installation. But suddenly within the last week everything as gone pear-shaped.

Anyone else had similar problems, or can offer further advice on this issue. Many thanks as usual.

  spuds 00:26 26 May 2003

Anyone !!.

  Terrahawk 00:28 26 May 2003

click here
if you go to the site above you will be able to find out if you have firewall protection

  powerless 00:33 26 May 2003


Windows XP does have a firewall. But using a third part one is better. If you use a third party you have to disable the XP firewall.

Your computer will use a firewall, so will freeserves and BT's.

ON the modem which light goes red out, is it the USB or ADSL light?

  spuds 18:43 26 May 2003

Sorry for late reply, tried to give a reply but PCA site kept bouncing my replies due to errors and time-outs.Gave up in the end.

Terrahawk-Thanks for the link and download. All checks out okay.

Powerless- It is the ADSL Light that changes from green to red, before the crash.Soon as we see that happen, then we know the computer id due to close down suddenly.

  Confab 19:09 26 May 2003

Does the pc only crash when connected to the net? I'm just wondering if its something else that's causing the crash but as the Pc is shutting down then the modem is disconnecting. Just a thought but check to see if the PC crashed without the modem attached.

  spuds 19:31 26 May 2003

Amber-Shortie.The problem only seems to happen, when the computer is connected to the internet. But you have a point. Freeserve are doing some on-line test today and tomorrow, and they have told us to leave the machine on, and do not touch it for 48 hours.We will wait now to see what Freeserve come up with. Thanks for the thought.

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