Firewalls, Anti-virus, Ad-aware, etc

  mbp 09:55 26 May 2004

Naturally we are all concerned about these problems. There are lots of discussions on these topics and a lots of materials on the web, covering the subject from the very basics to the complex. Yet, again and again, some very fundamental threads are posted, i.e. which AV is better, etc? If the reader would only spend a little time browsing the web, he would find the answers there. A little research would soon make it clear what you need and concentrate your queries on something more useful to your operations.

The problem is finding the right material. It is spread all over the globe, and it is a fag to browse for hours to look for it. Is it possible for Editors to make an Index available so that we could refer to specific problems like Anti-Virus Protection etc? Are there Search Engines that could narrow and concentrate the search? If so,Please make that information available to us all. I know some forums do categorise their topics and it is of some help, but are there many web data base's that have these topics categorised so we can look it up easily?

Sorry, I am still on a Steep Learning Curve! (And I am no Spring Chick!)

  spuds 11:59 26 May 2004

A lot of this information can be obtained by doing a very simple Google or likewise search,there is enough good search engines out there, but I find that some people want the very easy route, and request that other people do all the leg work for them. Okay, giving advice and suggestion about the 'best' available product, can cut many corners in the learning curve, but at the same time, what is the best product, as this would depend on the person supplying this advice.

In the case of the PCA forum. how many days go by without someone asking the exact same Anti- Ad-ISP question, when a previous days read or simple forum search would have perhaps supplied the answer many times over.In fact, it was only recently that someone stated that they did not have time to do a search.Statements like that make you want to think, if that person really requires help of any kind.Bit like the person spending two hours or so in a leisure gym everyday 'limbering up'with the glass of wine at the end, and classing it as their extremely very hard working life.

Appologies if this sounds like a rant, as it was not intended to offend.Just my personal feelings.

  byfordr 12:14 26 May 2004

In the absence of stickies, perhaps the addition of a read first FAQ section which all this info could be put into, would probably cut the postings by half. Perhaps in the form of walk throughs.


  Sapins 12:41 26 May 2004

I prefer the personal approach, I like "talking" to other members of our forum, you can discuss the ins and outs of your question as you go. No two questions are exactly the same anyway. If people want to use impersonal search engines ok but it is far more interactive to use the forum.

Anyway you can't say "a funny thing happened on the way to Google" ;-))

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