pennyben 23:42 04 Apr 2006

I have been checking out a range of firewalls over the last week, got fed up with Kerio and ZA. It has been interesting to look at the ease of installation and the setting up of them once installed.

One area that tends to get overlooked is the amount of memory a firewall can take up, Zone Alarm looks to be a severe memory hogger.

Anyway have tried Jetico, Comodo 2 and Netveda Safety.Net. this week. Please Google for reviews, there are plenty.

I have settled on the Netveda firewall for the time being as it appears to do the job well and uses low resources, around 8Mb. Unforunately it is biased to networks but worth a try.

I am using these with the new version of AntiVir and seems to be working well.


  User-312386 00:29 05 Apr 2006

ZoneAlarm is the least of a hog with only 5092k (less than 5MB) being used in resources.

I don't know where you get your figures from?

Free Zone Alarm for me

  pennyben 13:16 05 Apr 2006

Mad boy. Fine I have no problems with points of view and the posting is only to show some other free firewalls are available to try instead of ZA and Kerio. Have a look at this discussion:

click here

Use the one you prefer at the end of the day.

  Jackcoms 16:29 05 Apr 2006

"Use the one you prefer at the end of the day".

Such as the free one bundled with Windows XP SP2.

  ade.h 17:05 05 Apr 2006

Kerio difficult to use????

Kerio is my firewall of choice, even to the exclusion of Outpost now. Very easy to use, cheap or free depending on what you want, quite easy on resources (I use it on laptops as well as desktops) and soooo powerful and configurable. It is also a very well sorted app with a noticeable lack of conflicts/bugs/issues.

I have tried a lot of firewalls - ZA, F-Secure, Norton (urgh!) Outpost and Netveda. The latter was really the only one that matches up to Kerio, so I partly agree with you.

Frankly, I think that it's great to see someone who is willing to research and test a range of firewalls and see what works best for them, rather than just posting here asking "which is better, Norton or ZA?" Kudos to you for that approach.

  >steve< 01:42 14 Apr 2006

try and test try and test i have tried a few i do prefer za but that's because its easy to use use the one i had problems with was sygate it is a powerful firewall but you have to be savvy to use it for beginners za is the one.

  Belatucadrus 14:57 16 Apr 2006

If low resource use is what you want, try some of the rule based ones like Ghostwall click here or Look'n'stop lite click here note that the last link is direct to the download, as there no longer appears to be any reference to it on the website, despite it's still being available.
Both compact and effective but neither particularly user friendly.

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