tommy vercetti 09:47 10 Aug 2005

i bought Macafee virus scan version 9 and tried to install it in my computer last night, only to discover that it doesn't have a firewall. so after i had uninstalled Norton, it was like opening pandoras box, pop ups all over the place, computer kept crashing. Had to restore, but anyway, i have windows Xp,can anyone recommend how i can download a firewall, whilst i am unprotected?

  recap 10:42 10 Aug 2005

Zonealarm is a good free firewall if you click here you can download the free version which will keep you protected.

  Jackcoms 11:10 10 Aug 2005

If you want a Mcafee product which includes a firewall, you need click here

  Ancient Learner 12:22 10 Aug 2005

XP has a firewall of its own. You could turn that on whilst you download ZoneAlarm. The problem with XPs firewall is that it only works inwards, not outwards, hence the need to disable it and install a better one, but it is better than nothing in your circumstances. However, do not be tempted to have 2 firewalls on at the same time otherwise chaos will take over.

To turn XPs Firewall on and off, go to 'Start', 'Settings','Control Panel', 'Security Centre'.

  tommy vercetti 13:37 10 Aug 2005

thanks people, so basically i can use the Windows XP firewall till i download Zonealarm. Do i have to then turn the XP firewall off?

  Jackcoms 14:45 10 Aug 2005


Do not have more that one firewall running at the same time, they will conflict with each other.

  wobblymike 14:51 10 Aug 2005

tommy vercetti

A point that has not been covered it appears - if you have SP2 installed, the XP firewall will be switched on by default, I guess therefore you may well not have SP2 - if not I would advise you install it. As stated above, the XP firewall is fine for what it does i.e. protect from external attack. If you judge that you need a firewall that sorts out outgoing stuff as well, Mcafee or zone alarm are both fine, personally however I have never felt the need and the XP firewall along with up to date anti virus software has served me fine and continues to do so.

  tommy vercetti 16:00 10 Aug 2005

Thanks wobbleymike, that leads to some more quesions:

SP2 means Service Pack 2 right?
How do i know know if i have it installed?

If i dont already have it installed, where do i download it from?


  scotty 16:37 10 Aug 2005

In Internet Explorer (or Explorer) click on Help menu and select About. This should tell you if SP2 is installed.

  wobblymike 16:43 10 Aug 2005

tommy vercetti

An even easier way go into Control Panel and see if you havwe an Icon called security centre if you do you have SP2 installed if not you don't.

  tommy vercetti 17:12 10 Aug 2005

ok cool, so if i dont have it installed do you guys know a link where i can download it?

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