gios100 13:06 01 May 2005

Hi, My son wants to play a game on line and he needs to turn off the firewall.

We have three computers going through a router.

How do I turn off the firewall on the router.

Many thanks


  Technotiger 13:33 01 May 2005

Hi, possibly very dangerous to turn off firewall.
Instead, you should be able to *Allow* just the individual source to get access. You should have the option within your firewall setup. I am not familiar with routers, but no doubt someone else here will be able to help you if necessary.


  VoG II 13:44 01 May 2005

You will need to post the make and model of your router.

Normally the settings are accessed by typing an IP address into your browser. For my Belkin it is

  gios100 13:50 01 May 2005

IT a linksys Model No WRT54GS.

I have the instructions and the IP address.

What do I do then


  gios100 13:59 01 May 2005

Ok, got to the the router set up screen.

Can't fnd the option to turn of the firewall?


  gios100 14:01 01 May 2005

Sorry found it.

Turned it off. Could the present problems for me?


  VoG II 14:03 01 May 2005

Do you have a software firewall running (like Zone Alarm click here ) ?

  gios100 14:05 01 May 2005

Hi NO I don't think so.

I never have any problems with my PC, Its the kids. They download all sorts of crap.


  VoG II 14:13 01 May 2005

Personally I would be unhappy running without a firewall. Others think differently. In Zone Alarm you can configure which connections are allowed whilst blocking potential threats.

  gios100 14:16 01 May 2005

Is this Zone alarm free? I don't mind paying so long as it works.

I respect your opinion VoG, You've always given me good gen in the past.

  VoG II 14:19 01 May 2005

Yes - free, gratis and for nothing!

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