Firewalls ???

  Bagsey 15:19 22 Oct 2003

I have today gone Broad Band and in the short time that I have been testing my setup I have had The Natch virus and The Lovsan a worm. AVG cleared off but did not stop them coming. I remembered about the firewall and have started it up for my new connection. Can anyoune tell me if the firewall that is built into XP is adiquate or should I be looking at something else. Thanks for any advice.

  Maverick81 15:24 22 Oct 2003

The XP firewall isnt that bad, and is due for a update when SP2 comes ou next year.
Zonealarm is also a good alternative also

I am not a big fan of nortons own firewall software, but I suppose each to their own.

goto click here for the latest free version of zonealarm.



  Jester2K II 15:27 22 Oct 2003

You also need to get the relavant patch from microsoft too. Then you won't get it firewall or noi firewall...

  Bagsey 15:35 22 Oct 2003

Blimey that was quick, thanks for the info. Jester2K II You have premted my next posting requesting info on the necessary patches. Thanks to you both for that very quick response.

  Jester2K II 15:40 22 Oct 2003

Check Windows Update for the Critical Updates you are missing...

  igr 15:50 22 Oct 2003

Same problem when I went Bt BB. Zonealarm firewall sorted it out - no problems for a year now (touch wood) - its free although I have now upgraded to ZA Pro

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