Firewall/Norton email scanning.

  [DELETED] 08:45 03 Oct 2003

Three questions:

1/ I have unchecked outgoing email scanning in NAV email options yet it is still scanning om Any ideas?

2/I have NIS & NF enabled but my new pc also has something called ICF & ICS. Should both Norton & these latter two be enabled or is this conflict?

OS=XP on HP Pavillion.

PS Do joysticks come with USB connectors?

  [DELETED] 08:59 03 Oct 2003

1. Question Why do you want this function disabled? It does not slow your system down and it safe guards whom ever your emailing..

2. No conflict..

3. Yes usb connections are available on joy sticks

  [DELETED] 09:06 03 Oct 2003

It seems surplus really. I didn't have it enabled on my old pc. Surely scanning all incoming is enough?

Also with a large attachment it adds a delay to sending.

More to the point, if I have it unchecked why is it still scanning ogm?

Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 09:35 03 Oct 2003

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