Firewall and XP

  john 52 08:02 04 Mar 2010

I am using Avast ,SuperAntiSpyware,Malwarebytes for my Virus protection which was recommended by this site
At the moment I am running the XP firewall behind a Router Firewall do forum members think this will give enough protection .
I have used Zone Alarm free in the past ??

Thanks for any replies

  mgmcc 08:43 04 Mar 2010

What Zone Alarm will do, that the Router's hardware firewall and XP's firewall won't do, is to control *OUTGOING* internet traffic. Zone Alarm prompts you to "Allow" programs in the PC that try to access the internet, the other firewalls only block unwanted traffic inward bound.

  john 52 18:56 04 Mar 2010

Many thanks for your reply !!

  GaT7 20:55 04 Mar 2010

I've been using WinXP's own firewall for the last 5 years with no problems. But then again there's nothing on my computer worth stealing. G

  john bunyan 23:09 04 Mar 2010

When I had XP I used Comodo (free) for some years. It is a bit intrusive and needs training but has a good reputation. I now use PCTools with W7 64 bit. mgmcc is rigt re outgoing stuff.

  john 52 19:51 05 Mar 2010

I have downloaded Zone alarm and I am using that .

Thanks to everyone who replied

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