Firewall woes

  Stuart Leyland 14:21 18 May 2003

Hi all.

I'm having trouble getting a firewall to work on my sister's computer. She is running Windows 98SE on a rather old P166 and 92MB RAM. She connects to the Internet via my computer. The two computers are on a peer-to-peer network.

I have tried to install two firewalls on her computer now without success. I personally use Sygate Personal Firewall on my own computer without any problems. When installed on her computer it works fine for a number of days but then seems to go AWOL. Even though it is ticked in msconfig to startup, it does for a while but then stops. It isn't even listed when pressing control, alt and delete.

So I uninstalled it and tried Zone Alarm. However it causes the computer to go very slow when trying to access her documents (which are located on my computer). I have added the IP address for my computer by going to Security and clicking the Advanced button in Zone Alarm but all to no avail.

I would prefer to get Sygate to work as it makes life simpler for me.

Any suggestions to get either Sygate (preferably) or Zone Alarm (as a last resort) to work correctly would be very much appreciated.



  MartinT-B 15:05 18 May 2003

Your sister is connecting to the web via your PC only?

Therefore your PC is the 'server'? and she cannot connect any other way - ie you PC must be turned on in order for her to connect?

If so, Why would she need a Firewall?

  Belatucadrus 16:08 18 May 2003

I can't help with Sygate or Zone alarm , but it may be worth a look at Kerio 2 click here it also has an online manual click here that has guidance on networking and administering. The manual can also be downloaded at click here .

  Stuart Leyland 16:34 18 May 2003

Hi MartinT-B

Yes, the only way for her to connect to the internet is via my computer which, as you say, is the server.

Do you not need a firewall on any other computers in the network if there is one on my own? I always thought you did but I am willing to be told differently.

Hi Belatucadrus

As I said originally, I wanted to stick to either Zone Alarm or Sygate but from what MartinT-B has said, I might not need one at all.

Thanks for your responses


  MartinT-B 16:58 18 May 2003

I don't THINK you do. Your firewall should be enough

Let me do some searching and confirm or whatever the opposite of confirm is!

  MartinT-B 17:10 18 May 2003

99.9% sure you don't

click here

click here

I hope they are clear. The 1st is froma site sellin a Firewall with an explantion on how to set up theirs on a network and the other is a general home network set up walkthrough

  Stuart Leyland 17:16 18 May 2003

Thanks for that info MartinT-B. I was just concerned that if my sister received some sort of trojan, etc (as she chats to many people over the internet, not all how she knows personally) then it could cause all sorts of mayhem.

I'll leave the topic open for a while to see if anyone else wants to add their 2 pence worth but I thank you for your information.



  doorman 17:22 18 May 2003

Hi Stu,

Why not test your sisters connection here,

click here

  MartinT-B 17:27 18 May 2003

Using HER pc with no firewall, but with your on

click here

then click here

then click here

and check on all of them for open ports etc.

That should set your mind to rest.

  Stuart Leyland 17:45 18 May 2003

Doorman and MartinT-B

Thanks very much for those sites. My mind is now at rest and I can safely (well almost!) leave a firewall off my sister's computer.

Thanks for the info once again.


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