Firewall - and what to allow access

  MagsD 00:57 28 Apr 2005

I would like to know how I can tell what I should allow the firewall to let through.Coming up have been MSGSRV32.EXE,EXPLORER.EXE (SSDP),WUAUCLT.EXE
and others.I have denied access to them when asked but don't know if this is correct.My firewall is Sygate(downloaded).Is there some "Non Technical" information I can have on this?

  Night Ryder 01:24 28 Apr 2005

Certain applications will generate a warning asking if you wish to block or allow access. I'ts up to you and is usualy save but you will have to decide which applications you wish to allow through the firewall depending on what you are trying to acheive.

I'm assuming Windows XP ser pack 2 Firewall?

  stlucia 12:48 28 Apr 2005

I'm interested in this, too.

  JYPX 12:55 28 Apr 2005

MagsD - You should have the option, on each occasion, to block access (or indeed allow access) just once only. This option could be called "block once" although in Sygate I think it may be termed "ask" - In other words ask for permission every time this application tries to gain access. This gives you a little time to consider what you should allow access to. I suggest you then type the item name into Google. For example the last item in your list quickly produces several links revealing that this is related to automatic Windows updates so of course you would deny access at any cost (just my little joke......). So, take them one by one, do a little research then make your decision. If you want to deny all access to one application but are still not sure, set a system restore point before you do so.

  gudgulf 13:01 28 Apr 2005

click here

For starters.

If you are running Win98 or WinMe then the first is windows messenger service.the second is Windows explorer and the third is Windows auto updater.All are ok to let through.If you type the name of any process or program trying to access the internet into Google or the search box in the link I posted you will find out more about it.

  MagsD 15:09 28 Apr 2005

Thanks to all.I am running Windows ME.I will have a look at the link mentioned and check Google.As an aside to this query - I will be purchasing a new computer shortly and presume this will be Windows XP.Am I right in thinking that this comes with its own firewall and what is the general opinion of this.

  mr beanz 15:27 28 Apr 2005

Only XP SP2 has its own firewall, turn SP2 one off, and keep Sygate, as it's much superior.

  mr beanz 19:17 28 Apr 2005

oops xp service pack 1 also has firewall, sorry about that oversight--stand alone firewall better than xp one :0

  961 19:25 28 Apr 2005

I agree that this is very confusing. When you install these firewalls you are asked off the top of your head if you should allow this that and, forgive me, the other

Generally I have found that zone alarm will make the decision for you, Sygate sometimes does not.

There are 2 options

If you deny when asked, you'll soon find out if one of your programmes does not work. Then go back and allow.

JYPX gives good advice. Google is good at this sort of stuff

However, don't give up in despair. In a short while you'll get through all this stuff and you'll be well protected

Otherwise do the homework and decide on info as to what the particular programme does

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